RunCLE training update- how im doing the long runs

This week was really good training wise. I can feel myself getting stronger and who doesn't like that? In my TBT class i am doing more pushups than i ever have been able to do in a row (15 this week- BAM!).
As i have mentioned before, i use my lunch break at work to hit up the gym and when work is crazy, there literally no better escape! It's so great to leave and clear my head for an hour, and it really lets me come back refreshed and re-focused.

Since this is my first marathon, i have never really put in these kind of miles and i have started to notice a little
hip pain on my right side. I was a little worried about it, but started doing some side and crab leg raises and that seems to take the pain away almost like magic. But, i would advise anyone to keep the exercises up even when the pain isn't there because that pain can creep back up and start to hurt on say your longest run of the week (speaking hypothetically, of course).

My running buddy Lynanne and i are both in training for our first marathons. She is doing the Pittsburgh marathon just a few weeks ahead of mine in Cleveland. So, luckily, we are basically on the same mileage week to week. We try to train during the week together, but always make it work to do the long runs together. We started doing the 3/ 1 method and yesterday 9 miles seemed like it flew by! We run for 3 minutes and walk for 1 and repeat until the distance is done. I don't use this for my runs thru the week, but it helps so much for the long runs. Just a year ago any miles over 5 would be daunting and now we can bust out 9 and not even freak out about it!  Its very exciting to see that kind of progress. We opted for the indoor track this weekend, with all of the crazy snow and wind!  And it was a good call.

How are you guys doing with this cold? Are you braving the outside? We are just at about 100 days out from this race!  It seems so far away, but its already February and this day will be here in no time :)

 Last week:
40 min-
3.5 mi
TBT class
30 min-
3.0 mi
9 mi
I did get to get some outside time in today with the boys! We threw snowballs, made snow angles, and rode on the sled as long as they could stand it. It was great to get outside a little, i think we are all getting a little cabin fever. 

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  1. Good luck and happy training! You're going to love CLE as your first full :-) Oh, and I LOVE the pics of your sons in the snow. So cute!

    1. thank you :) i cant wait!!! i hope i look as happy as you looked crossing that finish line :)


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