Staying motivated

Its been 2 weeks since my last update and its been buuuuusy! Every week its my goal to sit and write an update and then it seems to slide into the next week and here we are.

I was so excited for giveaway week and a huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated and shared and liked my posts! It was pretty successful with more participation than I have seen in the past! I just wish I was able to give away more entries!

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So, I had a great week of training followed by a week that my boys got the flu and that feels like the opposite of training. Or, training in another way: giving all the medicine, lots of sterilizing, temperature taking and making sure that the soup and crackers stayed in stock. I'm happy report that the boys have most of the way recovered and fart jokes and running around are back in the daily mix! I have never missed a good poop joke more!

Here is the official last two weeks

Monday: 1 mile walking at work
Tuesday: 5k at lunch
Wednesday: 2 miles with HIIT inbetween
Friday: 5k at lunch
Saturday: 4.1 miles in the great outdoors
Sunday thru Wednesday- flu patrol
Thursday: 5k at lunch and 1 mile walking
Saturday: 6 miles on the track with Lynanne
Sunday: 3 miles at 5 minutes at a time with HIIT training intervals in between

I  missed some days on my training calendar and it bummed me out, but life happens. And It was just in time for a new month to roll around and see what February bring to us!  My January mileage was 70 miles, more specifically 69.8, but i'm rounding up! That is way more than I have hit in any January of the past so I'm really excited to see whats coming down the way. 

I'm still using my calendar for the most inspiration. I really, really hate writing a goose egg on this thing!  Even a mile walking is a mile walking! I think that you can still order one here

The other big motivator is that I cleaned out the basement this weekend and made myself a little space for my running things! I have more that I cant wait to hang up but for now having a little space is perfect to come down and do whatever I need to get done at whatever time works for me! 

What keep your guys motivated to keep on training or just staying active?  

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If you like what you see here, you can follow along with my adventures on Instagram too! Make it a great week guys!