Happy new year!

I'm Nothing like the clean slate time of a new year to get you excited about the future. 

I would classify 2015 as a little all over the place personally.

But, there were some major highlights including running my first marathon and being an ambassador for the Cleveland Marathon! 

And everyday life with these two little guys on my side, it impossible to not have fun!

Lots of fun to share on the blog coming up!

Wishing all of your happy, safe and super fun 2016!


O Christmas tree

The last few weeks, I have been beating myself up because I felt behind out of the gate with Christmas. Our tree didn't go up until today, my shopping is barely started, haven't even thought about cards and that damn elf is still in my closet from last year stuck under a pile of sweaters. And with all the life happening lately, I just wanted to make sure that the boys had a really special Christmas to remember this year. I know this will be the last Christmas in this house and even typing that makes me weepy. It's been an amazing house and I'm not even sure where we will be at this time next year but I know it'll be ok. 
I talked myself into the idea that if I took the kids to a tree farm and we cut down the tree together and brought it home to decorate it would be the perfect Christmas for the kids. Last night my mom talked me out of that idea and told me that it doesn't matter what tree we have, the kids just remember the fun of putting it up and guess what? She was right. 

This afternoon, we put up that old hand me down tree and Ryan took charge of the lights and Jack danced around and we all put our ornaments on the tree where they wanted them and hours later, the three of us laid down in front of the tree for the annual slumber party that happens the day the tree goes up. And as I laid awake next to my boys I realized not only is my mom right but this is the stuff Christmas memories are made of. It doesn't have to be Facebook perfect and we don't have to attend every single holiday event to have fun. I'm officially letting myself off the hook and taking the pressure off. As long as they are still smiling and having a good time then I must be doing something right. 

I hope this takes the pressure off you too! I know a lot of moms that want everything to be perfect, but to me perfect is happy kids. And it doesn't take all that much to make them happy!