race day

it never gets old
some people ask me what i'm running for, like for what cause
and then sometimes i feel like a jerk, because its for me
its the energy, a pure runners high
not that im not for running for a cause, but
there is nothing like a crowd on race day to make you want to run every freaking day of your life
the cowbells, the signs, the kids reaching to high five you....
it's the glory lap of all of you training

this weekend was no different
it was the Akron Marathon
i was part of a 5 person team that together did a full marathon!  i have done the relay twice before but this year i was able to do the last leg and it was my favorite. we were running along the same route as the full marathoners! it was insane!!!  these people are so motivating!  i started when these people were at the 20.5 mile, it blew my mind! and it makes me want to do it too! (maybe)
i finished the race up in the stadium and it was nothing short of amazing :)

my parents were there waiting with Ryan and a big sign and i got to do my leg with my good friend.
Ryan and the cute sign even made it in a story online!

it wasn't my best time, but it was probably the most fun i have ever had and im counting the days until my next race and ill see you next year Akron!
finish line selfie
my biggest fans!
we are done!
me and my best running bud!!!