The Cleveland Marathon has always been my race
i love it, 
i love the city, 
i love the race, 
i love that the first time i ran my mom, sister, and cousin all ran it together

i love that i have run with friends

i love that its something that my boys see me train for and complete

i love the route
i love the spectators
i love the scenery
its my scene and i dig it.... A LOT!

last year i noticed that the race had official bloggers that you could follow and i started following a few of them . It was cool to see how they were training and the different things that they did to prepare and i remember thinking that maybe i could do that too. It looked cool to have people see how their training was going and get feedback and good ideas to keep them motivated. 

so, when the time came, i filled out my application fully thinking that there was no way that they would pick an averaged paced mom of two that trains in between nap time and on my work lunch breaks. 

but guess what?!?  they picked me!!!  I have never been more excited!!!!  
the phrase "fake it till you make it" is my life in a nutshell and i feel like i have finally faked it long enough and now, quite possibly, i have made it!  

i cant be more excited to be an official ambassador for this race that i love!!!!
i cant wait to meet the other 14 people that are ambassadors and hear thier stories and what they are doing to train.  

keep your eyes out for all of these awesome people!  check out their blogs, IG accounts, and twitter accounts too! show them a little love, and maybe a high five for being so awesome! 
you can see all of the links HERE

2015 is going to be an amazing year,
i can tell already!