RunCLE40- Getting focused

Training wise, this week has been awesome but the last few weeks have been mediocre.  Blogging wise, I have some real catching up to do!

The last I posted was a few weeks back and I had completed the Mill Creek Classic. It was sloooow going but it was an awesome confidence boost that the miles will go by. In the same token, I realized that I had a lot of work to do if I want to beat my half marathon PR this year that is 2:21:23. I was really nowhere near where I used to be or where I needed to be in the training process.

Speed work and hills are two things that I can focus on that I haven’t really done in the past. I swear that even though I have proved to myself that I am “real runner” sometimes I still feel like I’m totally faking it. The best thing about running is that there is always something to improve on. Lucky for me, I can improve in many areas.  

The hills- I have found a lovely little 3-4mile span of hills close to home that I have been doing at least once a week to get stronger. They actually really suck, but I can feel myself getting stronger as I go up them and feel like a badass when I’m done. I love running outside in these temperatures- you can just feel the spring races in the air.

Speed work- The other thing I have been doing is just setting the treadmill way faster than my usual trot and it’s not killing me. It actually feels good to just go as fast as I can, keep breathing and bump it up a little at a time. It also really makes the time go by quickly. I downloaded a new app too that talks to me and tells me to run at a normal pace, then sprint for about a minute, then walk for 30 seconds. That REALLY was speeding up my workouts on my lunch breaks! The app is calling running in the apple App store in case you are interested.  

I’m so excited about the 40th anniversary Cleveland Race this year! There are so many cool things going on that the race keeps telling us about.  Last week we found out about the awesome commemorative blankets that all participants of the Challenge series are receiving. (Along with the extra medal). If you plan on running the Challenge Series and haven’t signed up yet you should sign up quickly. The last date to register is April 6th. I will be there running the 8K on Saturday and then the Half Marathon on Sunday.