RunCLE40- Back on track

Here we go again!  Its March and a fresh start! Thank God!

To be completely honest February pretty much sucked. I'm calling it a wash and it happens, its life.

March is where the party's at!  And getting back on track is as easy as re-committing to it again.

I wrote this about wanting to read the Bible from start to finish, and I'd like to do it again.:

This week will be back to my regular training schedule. Running M/W/F and a weekend day and my total body toning class on Tu/Th. I'm excited to get this back on track. I'm also going to start adding in some interval training and hills.

In the meantime I snuck in a half marathon this morning! It was awesome and full of hills but great to be back out there! The Mill Creek Classic is in Youngstown and pretty much in my backyard. It's great to run a hometown race. The only real goal of the race was to use it as some awesome training time. My running bestie Lynanne is training for the Pittsburgh full and I'm training as much as I can with her.

The hills today- Intense with a capital I!

It was really cold today, colder than I planned when I signed up. It was 17 this morning in the car, felt like 7. Brr. I really layered up and we got going.

The first mile was really, really cold and I was cursing myself for not bringing my gloves. There were also 5 hills within mile 1 which wow!  It's been a minute since I have done hills out there, (like roughly 2 years). So, it was a little crazy. We took lots of walk breaks and did the best we could. The walking took over the last few miles out on the course. The final little leg of the race was all uphill, and we were both completely spent. Roughly 40 yards out we started the slow roll to the finish line and the most amazing thing happened. There was about a dozen people at the end and they all started clapping and cheering us on! It was so great, there was only about 10 people behind us but it made us feel like rockstars. Then I looked again and I was shocked as heck to see my awesome boyfriend standing there cheering us on too! It was the best and I couldn't be more lucky!

Overall, it was a super tough course but we did it and I'm so glad we did!

Here's to a great week of training! Have you guys signed up yet?

And be sure to see what all of my other fellow ambassadors are doing! You can also follow me on IG @running_with_jazzhands!

Have a jazz-tastic week!