it takes a village

I was at lunch telling a friend about what was new with the boys and telling that how grateful I was to our awesome daycare lady and how she is working so hard with Ryan with potty training. And then in the next breath I said that my amazing neighbor found Jack his Halloween costume, I just haven’t made the effort to go out and she came across it and it worked out great. And then i said it really takes a village. 
And even though I knew how true this statement was, IT IS TRUE!  It takes a freaking village!  And it’s a good thing!  I’m so damn lucky to have a village of willing participants to help with the kids. People that not only help but lovingly help and really enjoy spending time with them. 
No parents can do it all alone and you will kill yourself trying to get everything done and be everything to your kids that they need. And isn’t it wonderful that they have all of these people in their lives that provide all kinds of different learning’s and different ways to teach?
If I did the whole feeling emoji thing on facebook (and I don’t), I would be feeling grateful with a smiley face with heart eyes because I am so grateful for all of the people that love our boys and enrich them in ways that we can’t. I know that I have guilt when I’m not with the kids. I feel like working full time, the time I do get with them is precious. But, I am also fully aware that taking time to do things for me makes me a better mom.
I just thought it might be a good reminder to anyone who needed it today, because even thought I knew it, it was a good thing to re-learn today at lunch.
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