Where is you?

This is what my son Jack asks me when he can’t find me around the house. It’s adorable in his 3 year old little voice.

But where have I been?  It has really been a hectic few weeks and training has been hit or miss to say the least. My mom had some pretty invasive back surgery about 3 weeks ago that we all expected for her to be back up and at it within days, but now, weeks later and multiple complications later she is still in some serious pain and recovering from two surgeries and a fractured pelvis.

Generally speaking, my parents take the boys to school a few days a week which helps me keep up my 7-4 schedule so I can get them after school. But, with them out of the picture for a while, I am taking the kids to school and getting to work much later. I love taking the kids to school and spending time with them in the morning, but the reality is that my job is an hour away and if I don’t start at 7am then something has to give and lately it’s been my lunch breaks that I use to train and/or blog. I have been feeling a lot of the “winning at nothing” these past few weeks. It’s the epitome of being stretched too thin.  The bottom fell out yesterday when I went to the dr to confirm what I knew already that I had strep throat for about the 5-6th time in a year. Apparently, my stress likes to reside in my deep pocket tonsils.(so gross) 

So moving on, the tonsils will come out in the summer- after my planned races. I’m doing decent at the training and ran 12 miles last weekend which felt a little rough, but I know that I can do the miles for the half. My focus will be to be getting the miles to tick by faster. I’m working on a plan for that too. I need to focus a workout a week on hills and speed work to make this happen. It’s another hiccup in life and nothing that I can’t overcome. Life is hectic and busy and super unpredictable but that is part of the beauty of it too right?

Cleveland has been working their butts off with some cool stuff for the 40th anniversary race this year! Here are my favorites!

Sweet race apparel
  • Leggings- we have our own leggings this year that are super cool!
  • Shoes- did you know that we also have some pretty cool Cleveland Marathon shoes?  The race is really going all out this year and these are pretty cool!
  • In training shirts- they are super cool this year! And they look a lot like the ambassador ones that I have been rocking as much as I possibly can!

Buy them all here! You know you want to! 

Medals- As always, they look awesome this year!  

New course- This might be my favorite change!  This year its been changed so that we finish in Public Square and not on the shoe way! This is a huge change because right at the end you really need that push and surge of energy from the crowd, at least I need it. And the shore way was usually my most dreaded part of the race, so YAY!   Its going to be the best year yet!

I have finally committed to the 8K/ Half Marathon Challenge and I couldn’t be more excited about it. You can sign up now too! Prices go up again March 9th
Or check out Holly’s blog for a chance to win an entry! And also because she’s awesome!

And be sure to see what all of my other fellow ambassadors are doing! You can also follow me on IG @running_with_jazzhands!

Have a jazz-tastic week!