RunCLE training update- Icy weather and better form

The last two weeks the weather has been crazy in Northeast Ohio. And, as much as I like to think I'm hard core, I'm not. I think my personal cut off is 20 degrees. If its less than that, I can be found running on the local wellness center track or even the dreaded treadmill. Luckily, this was a cutback week. So, 6 on the treadmill was manageable.

Last week I never got around to posting an update. I ran last weekend outside, the weather wasn't too bad, but we ran in some spots that were icy and I must have been running all tensed up because the rest of the weekend I ended up on a heating pad. It was kind of awful and I know I was being a baby about it, but damn. I have never had back pain like that before. I was happy that it seemed way better when I work up Monday.

So, enough complaining
Here is what the last two weeks of training looked like

3.5 mi
3.5 mi
8 mi
3 mi
4 mi
4 mi
6 mi

My focus is still the time during the week runs and then the miles on the weekend, but I know I haven't been hitting my total mileage for the week, so I may be cutting back on my weights class during the week to get the miles in. I know its ok to break up the long runs during the week too, so I might start to do that as the minutes increase and I cant get it all in during my lunch break. And the run 3 minutes/ walk 1 minute thing has been working great for the weekend runs. Its hard to fit it all in, but I keep telling myself that it will be ok and that something is way better than nothing. Also, running with my running buddy makes a world of difference for me!  It helps so much knowing that someone is there. Lynanne, you rock!

The awesome thing that I know I have mentioned before is that I work out on my lunch break, but even cooler, I work with lots of runners that work out on their lunch breaks too. They get it,  and we all talk about upcoming races and training. My running guru (hi Tim!) saw me running this week and pointed out something about my form that was really helpful. In my natural stride, I tend to swing my arms back and forth in front of me (kind of like a boxer) instead of by my sides. He showed me the proper way, how kids play choo choo train. This really made a difference when I focused on proper form yesterday. Robot man below sure makes it look easy! 

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Here's to a much less snowy and sub zero training week!
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  1. I just read an article about arm swing, which confirmed what your friend said. If you swing your arms in front of your body, you can jack yourself up. Good job getting in the workout during lunch!

    1. you are the best commenter ever :) yes, the last 2 runs seem so much better with the correct arm swing! who would have guessed it?
      lunch time is the best time for me to squeeze it in!


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