RunCLE- The course

I'm a visual person and last year when I was training for the Cleveland half marathon I had the course map printed out and posted right in front of me at work to motivate me where I spend most of my time. 

Today was the day!!! I printed the full marathon course and I didn't even freak out. It's a huge personal challenge for me to run a whole marathon, but shockingly I'm not as scared as I thought I would be.  

There she is, in all her glory!  

What do you guys do to stay motivated and focused? Have you signed up for your race yet? (Susannah, you have 4 weeks to decide😃.) If you aren't racing it would be a super fun option to volunteer or just hang out anywhere from downtown to Rocky River and make a fun sign or hand me a beer as I run by you! 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I'll post a training update soon. I'm running at a new gym this weekend since it's so gross and supposed to be below zero. I'll take my chances in the treadmill instead. Happy running this weekend!


  1. I so admire you for committing to the full. I am the opposite when it comes to the course. My coach always tells me that my downfall is that I don't come up with a plan for the course. I usually only pre-run a course if my running group is doing it for a long run, and then I tend to forget about it until race day.

    1. thanks so much girl! i never really pre-run the course, but looking at it helps me soak it in and see what im up against :)


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