RunCLE training update- seeing the finish line

When I tell people that I am training to run a marathon, I feel like I might as well tell them that I'm joining the circus or starting my own band. It's insane to me every time I say it out loud!

But, a very wise woman once told me to
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And that is what I'm doing. I'm faking it, I'm pretending that I'm not scared and that its NBD. My mom, who ran half marathons before I had the guts to is my biggest fan. She also has a bad back now and can't run at this point like she would really love to. And I know that this is killing her that she can't be training with me for this too. She wants to know every detail of the training, how far I ran, how it felt, and what songs are on my playlist. No detail is too small. My work friends lovingly refer to her as coach Marilyn. Coach Marilyn asked me lately what song I wanted to finish the race to. She had a good suggestion, but what bothered me the most is that I never really visualized crossing the finish line for this. It just seems bigger than life.

And this week that changed. I actually could see it happening, I could see myself crossing the finish line of a marathon and it looks amazing! It got me really excited and even more motivated!!!

So, keep going!  We aren't even halfway there yet, its been so cold out and the treadmills all over northeast Ohio are surely getting worked overtime, but Spring is around the corner! Even if  the corner is about 5 miles down the road. And start picturing yourself finishing your race!  It will keep you moving towards that awesome day in May that hopefully wont be too hot or too cold!

Here is what last week looked like. The end of the week kind of tapered off. My boys had the flu or some kind of stomach bug, so running took a bit of a rest. They are feeling better now and hopefully this week will be awesome!

 Last week:
40 min-
4 mi
TBT class
60 min-
5.65 mi
10 mi
This week, if the weather is better, I am hoping to run the Mill Creek Park Half Marathon with my training buddy Lynanne. The park is beautiful and its full of hills, but we hope to make it since it would be an awesome training run! Fingers crossed for decent temps and even maybe some of this snow to melt.

Don't forget to check out the other Cleveland Marathon Ambassadors! We all get a chance to giveaway a free race entry!  If you haven't registered yet, this is a great chance to win a registration to the race distance of your choice. You know where to find me facebook, instagram, and twitter


  1. What is TBT? Btw, the weekend is supposed to be in the upper thirties, lower forties. Yay! Go get it!


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