RunCLE, here we go again!

Here we go 2016!
So it’s already 9 days into the New Year and I have yet to recap the year that was. I’m sure you can forgive me. 

By far, 2015 was my most committed year to running I have had. In the fall of 2014, when I was chosen to be an Ambassador the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon I had already been toying with the idea of running a full marathon at some point in the near future. Then I got bit by the bug hard, talked my running bestie into doing it with me and off we went! She signed up for Pittsburgh and me Cleveland. It worked well with training since our races were only 2 weeks apart. 

Most of January thru May was dedicated to training for our first marathon and I have to say with absolute certainty; I couldn’t have done it without her! Once you get up to 16, 18, and 20 miles, I don’t care how long and awesome your playlist is, it was so beneficial for me to have someone there with me to talk to. Now, we were serious about the training, we always got the miles in, but we also had one hell of a fun time!  We are compatible running because we run for fun and not always for time. Yeah, I like to push myself, but I also have just as great of a feeling when I complete a run, even if it takes longer than I had hoped for. 

It was a pretty amazing Month of May! I watched Lynanne run her Marathon in Pittsburgh and she came to see the fun of Cleveland. 

And I can’t recap without talking about what an incredible group of people I had the privilege of being grouped with, the Cleveland Ambassadors. We had meet ups a few times before, but that weekend was like we were all long lost friends and everything just clicked. 


If I had to pick one moment, this was my favorite of the year. Getting the cross the line with my Ryan, who was so proud that he got to finish too was pretty incredible! 

After I finished my marathon, I took a really awesome break! Flew off to a girls long Memorial Day weekend in Sunny California and soaked up some rays. 

In June I ran a 5k in some serious Cleveland heat with my Uncle and cousin and her adorable pupster

In July I ran a small 5k in Warren in some serious heat whilst pushing Jack in the jogging stroller trying to convince him to stay seated for the back half of the race. He was less than thrilled to be participating in his first race. 

In August Lynanne and I were back at it and participated in the Panerathon 10k and in true Ohio form, it was sweltering. The silver lining was that we got to wear tutus and had a blast!

In September Lynanne and I ran the half marathon in Akron, another super fun and quite hilly race. It was great to see a bunch of my CLE ambassador friends there too! Its always really fun when we get to hang out!

In October I dressed up as a runner for works Halloween party, because duh :)

In November, we ran a 5 mile Turkey trot. 
And in December, we ran the Christmas Story run as well as the Jingle bell 5k. The jingle bell 5K we shockingly PRd just a pinch under 30 minutes.

Ireally looking forward to 2016 and picking at least one race a month to participate in. I think some races in the beginning of the year will help me gear up for the full in May! 
Ialso so excited to announce that I have been asked to be an Ambassador for the Cleveland Marathon again and I couldn’t be more honored and excited to be a part of the race that I just LOVE! And to be a part of the group with some of the most talented runners that I am lucky enough to call my friends! 

You can follow all of my awesome friends! And now is a perfect time to sign up for the marathon, half marathon, 10K, and 5k. This year is also so exciting, because there is a challenge series, so you can run a race on Saturday and Sunday! It was just announced today that there will be an app for the race this year as well as in-training apparel that will be on sale soon!

So, lace up those sneaks, because 2016 is going to be one for the record books!

What are your goals for 2016? Any first time runners out there?Or first time race entrants?  Once you start, you will be drinking the juice and want to do more!


  1. My goal this year is to run outside all 366 days. So far, so good with 87 miles. I'm also signed up for my first 50 miler this year.

    I'll be at CLE this year for the first time, running the half. :)

    1. Wow Rick! I know you will totally achieve that! Can't wait to see you run CLE!

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