RunCLE- training and birthday fun!

 Week one is in the books, and my book spreadsheet is not quite that large at the moment. The week started off better than it ended. I have continued to do planks and pushups daily to make sure I’m working on my guns! But I also want to get some full body conditioning in as well. And I promised to keep it really REAL here for you guys. So, this week was quite light in the training. Work, knee pain, and other obligations totally got in the way. 
Monday- 3 miles that seemed pretty decent and kind of like old times. It used to be my warm up but im getting it back. 
Wenesday- 20 minutes in the am of abs and 3 way faster miles that felt really good until my knee started bothering me. At about halfway in my left knee that been kind of on the fritz since November was bothering me a lot. So I took a little walk break and finished until I hit my goal. But the rest of the day it was a little painful. I decided to take Thursday off to let it be and call a Dr. 
That’s it, I know, it wasn’t great. My knee was a booger the rest of the week and I spent the rest of the weekend in Buffalo for my adorable nephews first birthday!
See- he’s the absolute cutest thing! The boys and I had a blast and want to go back more!


The good news is that I got a run in today and my knee seemed better and the better news is that I will be home all weekend so I’ll be able to start the long weekend runs this weekend too! I’m going to take it easy until I know my knee is 100% cleared to run, but I’m excited to get back out there and get some really awesome miles logged on the weekends! 
Also, super fun is that I have the official ambassador button on my page now, hooray!!!! Check it out to the right!


What have you guys been up to? What do you guys do to cross train? I have found some awesome workouts on pintrest!


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