Run CLE- starting slow

This is it, the beginning of training season and I feel similar to the way I felt the second time I was pregnant. I was so excited, I had the glow but I also knew what I was up against! So here I am, getting ready to train for marathon number two and I'm super excited, can't wait to get involved but also a bit hesitant that I have what it takes again! My first marathon (and baby) I was blissfully unaware of the long ass runs (or long sleepless nights).

I want to keep it really real this year. Not that I didn't last year, but I think I'm similar to a decent niche of runners out there. I'm a mom of two busy little guys (ages 2 and 4), I work full time an hour from home and I barely have time to meal plan. So taking on a serious training schedule on top of everyday life is a pretty lofty goal some days. Life gets in the way and it's ok. We all do the best that we can and its important to remember that. I envy the people that are able to stick 100% to their training schedule or run outside before work or even after work on a daily basis. Right now, it's not really a possibility but someday it will be. 

Still, this race is important to me, showing my boys that setting (and sticking) to a goal is important.  I'm training to be faster this year. My main goal last year was to finish and I did. This year my goal is under 5 hours and it seems achievable. I know I'm not fast, but 26.2 miles is still 26.2 miles! 

I am starting a little slow this year and I have seemed to (over) enjoyed the holidays and added on a few extra lbs which isn't super fun to admit, but full disclose right? I also haven't really been in training mode for awhile so I'm excited to get back at it!

This week went well. I have been doing a plank and push-ups every morning before i hop in the shower. Every little bit helps right? 

Mon- 3 miles at lunch. These 3 actually were quite painful, maybe because I ran Sunday too?!? Not sure. But it felt good to sweat

Wed- another 3 miles at lunch and it felt much better and I even picked up some speed

Sat- 4 miles at the kickoff training run. This was the best run of the week, I felt strong again and it was also so fun to see my CLE ambassador friends and meet some IG friends in real life. I think I learned how to take an action selfie while running. I'll give it a try Heather!  

Sun- 20 minutes of full body workout

It's going to be a good year! Don't forget to check out what the other ambassadors are doing with their training! There are some serious badasses in the group and they will motivate you daily!!!

Any one else ever feel like they choose running over just about any other chore? What are you doing to ramp up your training mode? Happy running CLE! Until next week!


  1. So sad I missed the kick off run! Looks like it was a blast.

  2. Looks like you are off to a pretty fantastic start with your training. So dang proud of you! Also I LOVED seeing you this weekend. I love how you kept it real in this post, as yep some times life happens and that is OK!!! Could you please share any of those selfie tips you have? Whenever I try an action selfie I look SCARED that I am about to get hit by a train, but trust me there is no train and I just suck at the action selfie. Keep crushing it girl!!!!!

    1. Haha. Working on selfie tips for a post! The pain train! I think we need to make that a thing! Loved seeing you too! More training runs and get together soon please?!? So proud of all of your hard work girl!

  3. Great start and I'm very impressed that you've gotten out there with your crazy schedule and the boys. Makes me feel guilty for my lack of training!! Thanks for being my motivation.

    1. Thanks so much! I was further ahead last year so I'm a little nervous but it will work Out!!! Can't wait to see you crush 26.2 for the first time!!!!


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