RunCLE- getting my run mojo back

Call me Stella, cause I just got my run groove back! And it feels like an old friend and I'm pretty happy about it! I had been holding back a little because of my knee and I was afraid of what was going on with it but this week still had to happen, I didn't want to stop training, so I took it easy and figured I could always stop if the pain was too much and guess what? There was no knee pain this week! I don't know how that happened but I'm pretty jazzed about it!! 

Monday- This was a rough one. I had spent the weekend away and it wasn't the easiest run at all. I completed just under 3 miles at lunch and called it a day. I got some miles in with no knee pain and that was good enough for me. I also started this little routine before bed to get some abs, push-ups, and planks into my day. I like it and I had a cute little shadow too.

Tuesday and Wednesday- I didn't run but I did get in my bedtime routine in 

Thursday- I had a little extra time today at the gym and was able to crank out 4 solid miles on the treadmill. It felt good and started to build my confidence that I can do this marathon again and maybe even without knee pain. 

Friday- another decent 3ish miles on the track at lunch time but I was feeling more winded than Thursday. 

Saturday- Lynanne and I set out with the goal of 8 miles no matter how slow on the track and slowly but surely the miles just ticked away, one by one. We cheered at the end of each mile and by the time we hit 8 we had the confidence to know that not only are we going to do another marathon, but our time will improve too! It felt good to get back to the distance running, a mileage that I haven't seen since the fall when we did the Akron half.  

We actually bought track passes for the year here, so this will be a familiar scene to us in the next 12 months!

How are you guys feeling? I know that there is a lot of work to do this year but I know that I'll be able to get there again! What did you do this week that gave you confidence? This doesn't have to be running either. Sometimes getting your baby to take a nap for an hour of quiet time can boost your mom confidence!

Have a great week running! Can't wait to see what you are up to!


  1. So glad you have no knee pain. Once I had some bad foot pain, and I was certain that I had broken my OTHER foot. I started panicking until a more experienced runner reminded me that sometimes we just jack ourselves up, and rest takes care of it. He was right. Your son doing the plank with you is adorable. My son did his plank with me this weekend. He's up to 20 seconds.

    1. So awesome your son is planking too. It's not my fav but it's so good!

  2. I love that saying "the quickest way to acquire self confidence....."

    So exactly what IS a track pass?

    1. Thanks Debi! It's a pass to use the local track 😀


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