RunCLE- training update- high fives and glitter

Anyone who knows my family knows that we don't really hold back when it comes to excitement! We reaaaaally like to celebrate accomplishments! Anything that has exclamation points, boas, glitter, or musical cards... We are ALL IN!

At the heart of this zest for celebration is my mom! She has been know to show up at your door for your birthday/ anniversary/ big day with a party hat on a kazoo in her mouth and will throw confetti glitter at you when you open the door! She is the only one I know that carries glitter in her purse just in case of a celebration! (Not kidding)  

This race is no exception. Mom has been my number one backer since the day I mentioned that this was my spring goal. No detail was too small she since she is a runner, she gets it. The real bummer is that she can't run anymore. She hurt her back quite badly and it causes so much pain that's it's unbearable for her to run anymore. I know that if it wasn't for this injury she would be out there training with Lynanne and me, probably smoking us! 

Yesterday was my last 20 mile run before the race and Lynanne planned to do the first 10 with me since she runs her marathon in Pittsburgh this Sunday! We started our run at my parents house and we made our way back there about 10 miles in. When we arrived mom had drinks and snacks all ready! But even more she had a her noisemaker and glitter to surprise Lynanne for her final big run before race day! It was a great sendoff into race week!  

Marilyn loves her glitter!!!

After Lynanne (and the glitter) left, I started my last 10 miles.  I started too fast and got in my first 5 rather fast. Mom met me with water and some words of encouragement for my last 5. At about 18 is where I hit my wall and couldn't will myself to run much more.  I did a lot more walking than usual and wasn't feeling all that positive about how I'll be adding another 6.2 to this in 2 weeks and then I looked up and saw my mom sitting in a lawn chair waiting for me to cross the finish line of the driveway! She had her noisemaker and kazoo and flowers and it was JUST what the dr ordered! The driveway was filled with awesome encouragement it made me cry tears of joy. It was the best way In the world to end the final long run before the race. 

My mom is the best!!! If you see her at the race, give her a high 5!

With this kind of support I could seriously run for president one day, JK- I really don't get into politics much! But, man am I lucky!

Here is what the rest of the week looked like.I am very happy to report that I finally made it to my TBT class on Thursday! I sure was sore Friday from it, its been well over a month since I made it to class, so I think once a week until the race is plenty.

Last week:

Did you guys have your last long run this weekend? Did you do anything to celebrate?  Can you believe how close we are getting?

Wishing you all have some amazing support for this race, because you are all awesome!!!!

Here is to a very restful few weeks ahead!  Taper time ;)

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  1. Wow! Your mom is the bomb diggity! In my family we don't carry glitter; we carry salt and pepper JUST IN CASE THERE WILL BE FOOD,


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