Run CLE- training update- it's race week!!!!!!

The last two weeks have been a huge blur and I can’t even believe that this week is finally here!  I am so excited! Two weeks ago I was able to watch my training bestie Lynanne run her first marathon in Pittsburgh and talk about pumping me up! Holy cow it was awesome! My mom and I planted ourselves at mile 25 with cowbells and had a blast!  There was a band and people handing out water and fruit and even guys in togas handing out leis!  It was quite a party and SOOO INSPIRATIONAL! In the 2ish hours that we were there, we saw a ton of people and they all were getting it done! There were ones that just trotted on by like it was no big deal and then there were ones that were really struggling, but they all kept going and that is inspiring in itself! There were times I got teary thinking about all of the training that all of these people put into this day and how exciting it was to see them achieve this goal! We had a blast and I’m so proud of Lynanne!

So, race week!!!!

At this point you are tapering im sure! I am!

Here are a few things I’m focusing on this week:

1. Hydrating- I bought a ton of water and Gatorade to start chugging this week! Get your drink on now peeps, the temp looks like it might be in the 70’s which will feel pretty warm, so hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

2. Rest- this one I’m not good at, but I’m making a point to get in bed early as possible each night this week to get proper rest for the big day!

3. Music- Get your playlist wrapped up, because we will be running soon and it makes for a good distraction when the miles and miles and miles feel kind of long. 

4. Make a list of people you want to run for- I saw this on my girl Jamies blog https://jamiejohnston.wordpress.com/ and really loved the idea, so im doing it!  I know it will keep me motivated when I look down to see who im running a mile for. 

5. Envision crossing that finish line- if you are like me, you will be a weepy mess! I already get teary thinking about it, but I also feel like a badass, because this marathon is so much more than 26.2 miles to me. It’s months of training and hard work. It’s a whole year worth of personal things that I somehow feel I am conquering by crossing the line and it’s for all of my family and friends who have supported me through it all. I’m getting teary now even writing about it. 

6. Having a mantra- like so many things in life, take it one step at a time and repeat whatever words make you feel like you can keep on going. For me for quite a few years its been “fake it till you make it” And with the last .2 of a mile, I know that I have faked it long enough to be an actual marathon runner!

Can’t wait to see you all on Sunday Cleveland!!!! Let’s enjoy every single mile!

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