RunCLE-race weekend begins!

I should be sleeping right now, it's too early on a Saturday with the boys not here to be awake, but the excitement!!! I just can't sleep! Tomorrow at this point, I'll be in in line waiting to begin! And yesterday was quite easily one of the best days of my life! I know that seems dramatic and gushy, but I'm not kidding. I have kids and have had a wedding day, but this is seriously up there with the big ones! I just felt so loved and supported in every second of the day, it was unreal! 

I got to work to find this in my cube! So awesome!! I have said it before and I'll say it again, I work with some of the most awesome people in the world! So supportive and kind and just excited for me! It's pretty awesome when the people you work with are people that you want to be around! 

I took a half day and met up with my bestie for a last 2 mile run at the gym and she brought me this!!! What!?!?  So so so awesome and sweet! I love them and after I earn the right to wear them tomorrow, I'll probably never take them off! 

Then my mom and headed up to Cleveland for the VIP reception at the Hyatt Arcade. And wow!!!! I felt like a VIP!!! It's beautiful there to begin with, but laying in a way cool event with all of the sponsors of this awesome race and getting to spend the evening talking to other Cleveland marathon ambassadors was just so so cool and fun! 

That's my name on that big official poster!

The marathon martini blue! Quite tasty!

Just me and some of the ambassadors, who happen to all be so awesome and talented and nice!!! They all have different backgrounds and really interesting stories and I can't say enough how honored I am to be grouped with these amazing people. I know I'm gushing, but they really are amazing!

Mom was an awesome date and really soaked up the whole atmosphere! She got it and knows how cool this night was and I'm so glad we got to share this experience together! 

Mom also was the unofficial photographer and took some great pictures of the reception. 

On the way out, I was saying goodbye to someone I had met and I saw Coach Jenny! I was starstruck for a minute! She's the official coach of the race and I have read her book and followed her training plan! It was so cool seeing her in person! Soooo very cool!

Our night was made and we even were given a swag bag from Titos! Thanks Tito's!

Thank you again to the Cleveland marathon for an amazing night and for the honor of being a part of such an awesome race! And thanks to my family and amazing friends for all love love, support, and warm fuzzies you have given me! I am so lucky! 

Now, let's kill this thing tomorrow!!! See you all in less than 24!

Thanks EQ! 

And my girl Kell! Thanks!! 

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