RunCLE- training update- a little of everything

The last few weeks have been a little up and down training wise. 

We got a bug in the house, we all had bits and pieces of it and 2 sick kids and me not feeling my best did not really add up to many awesome workouts. I did what I could muster up.  It’s evident on my workout tracker that it wasn’t a stellar week, but its ok. 

In the midst of lots of laundry and sick little tummies, there were some serious silver linings that I must share even though they are not really running related!

Since I was home a few days I took advantage of that time and I can finally say that Ryan is officially potty trained! 
OMG! Happy dance and a million high fives and jump kicks! Hes so proud oh himself and I can barely believe that the day has finally come!

I also have Ryan officially enrolled in pre-school! We visited a few places and the one we picked seems perfect!  He is going to love it and is already talking about his “new school”.  So, I have a potty trained little man with a plan for preschool!  Epic!!!
Pretty exciting stuff happening!!!

Here is what the last 2 weeks looked like from a miles standpoint.
Home with sick Jack
Home with sick Jack
2.54 mi

Lynanne and I had our first serious long run 2 weekends ago doing 16 miles. It took us quite some time with a few potty breaks but we did it. It was palm Sunday and I needed a quick pit stop, there is a hospital along the route and I figured I’d just pop into use the ladies room, no big deal. What I didn’t know is that this hospital has church services, so picture us running thru the lobby while palm Sunday mass is being held, whoops! We said a little prayer of forgiveness on the way out.
Fun fact: we both delivered our kids at this hospital

This past weekend we had another doozie of 18 miles and we decided to try a new location. We attempted to meet up with some people from a local running store but never quite found them so we went on our own merry way. We didn't take into account is that Mill Creek Park is super hilly! We knocked out the first 9 miles and all and did our usual run 3 minutes, walk 1 minute thing. Then we stopped at the car for some water and we had to slow down.  We ended up doing all 18 miles with an average time of 12:38. Not too bad for all the hills. I'm sure we could have amped it up, and I know that this week when we tackle 20, we will have an even better time.

check out the blue elevation!

The other pretty exciting thing to share is that i hit 100  miles in March! I have NEVER come close to that on my Nike app before, so that was pretty awesome for me!

How is your training coming?  We are just shy of 40 days until the race and I couldn't be more excited! 

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  1. Wow--18 miles AND potty training! Way to go! I remember how free I felt when I stopped buying diapers. #goodtimes


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