RunCLE- training update- 20 mile club!

I joined a new club. 
AWWWWW YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! 

You read that right!  20 miles baby!

This training thing is crazy!  I'm so glad I'm doing it!!!! But, I'm also looking forward to the days that if I want to “just run” 5 or 6 miles on a weekend, I will be happy with that.  I cannot seem to get past the fact that this is actually happening in 3 weeks! Oh Em Gee! So excited and I even have my outfit picked out (I think) and have been running in it so have no surprises in the way of uncomfortable or chafing clothing on the big day.

I have been laying off  the cross training at this point because work has been insane and when I get to the gym, it’s more important for me to get logging the miles, even if they aren’t many at a time or slower than I would like to see. The long runs are still the focus of the weekend and I am still doing the whole run 3 minutes and walk 1 minute.  
Since I have been a terrible blogger lately, but I am making up for it in pictures and gifs!
Here is what the last 2 weeks looked like for me.

3 miles

6 miles

4 miles
20 miles

2 miles

5 miles

Boys party
6 miles

Yeah, are you impressed??  I know I don’t get out there every day, but the days that I do, I really make an effort to make the most of it and make every second count. Right, Rose?  Titanic reference?  Anyone??  Ok- I'm lame

There were some serious highlights of the last two weeks!
First of all, I finally got to meet all the other ambassadors!  It was so cool! I felt like I was seriously meeting celebrities since I just know them through cyberspace. It was way fun and inspiring to be in a group of so many accomplished runners! I had to pinch myself! 


Next, Lynanne and I hit the 20 mile club! 
20 miles was pretty intense, I'm not going to lie, but I didn’t feel like I was going to die as much as I thought I might! Our time was longer than I thought, but I know once I get around the race people I can really pick up the pace. Its insane to be trained up to 20 miles!  IN SANE to me!  But awesome too! I’ll be doing another 20 this weekend and I will be sure to being more Gu Chomps and have some more water breaks scheduled in (aka- my mom driving around handing me water bottles). And then taper baby!!!

What 20 miles looks like

We were on the home stretch at this point, at about mile 17.
How is your training coming?  Are you getting to the long runs now? Do you have your outfit picked out yet?

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  1. So impressed with you! Way to rock that 20!

    1. thanks so much lady!!! :) a huge milestone for sure!

  2. Awesome job Melissa. I'm so impressed and know you'll rock this marathon.

    1. thanks lady! cant wait to high five you in lakewood :)


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