RunCLE- Training update- Here comes the sun!

YAY! Its finally March! And today, I finally got to run outside! I have missed it so much that it made the run kind of breeze by! I know lots of hard core runners were out in the cold and snow, but I played it safe on the treadmill and the track for most of February and my gosh, it was beautiful to run outside again! Last Sunday was so snowy and I never made it out for the Half Marathon. There were a lot of hills and I was kind of worried about slipping on the ice and getting hurt.

Other than the snow and cold, the last two weeks have been good! I have had to deviate from the schedule a little bit and I always feel guilty because I'm not doing exactly what is on the training plan. But, that needs to stop. It seems like many people (myself included) get so caught up in following a training plan to the dot, that they loose the experience. I do the best that I can to get in the right amount of miles and cross training but I also know that I'm not training to win this marathon, I'm doing this for me. And I'm ok with that. I'm good if it takes me up to 5 hours to complete, I will just be damn proud to finish this! I also train because it keeps my mind busy from life. It's the best escape and way to stay in shape for me and I love it! So, give yourself some credit, and don't feel guilty of you need a break or have to change up the plan mid-way. There is something to be said for following the plan perfectly, but be kind to yourself and do what works for you!

Last Monday, I skipped my run and sat in the whirlpool and the eucalyptus room at the gym and it was just what the dr ordered. It was a nice rest and made my legs feel so nice and rested. I skipped the weights last week, but this week, ill get back at it.
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Here is what the last two weeks of training looked like
4 mi
5.3 mi
8 mi
6 mi
3 mi
3.5 mi
11 mi

I'm still focused on the time and keeping it interesting during the weekly runs. I change up the pace when I'm on the treadmill to push myself during the week. I have also run the track at the gym for a little different focus during the week. It feels good for me to change the routine and not always rely in the treadmill to propel me.  I'm still using the run 3 minutes/ walk 1 minute plan for my long runs. It keeps me on pace and its a good built in break.

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  1. What the heck is a eucalyptus room???? That sounds like a bit o' heaven right there! I can just feel my sinuses clearing.

    1. It's a steam room with eucalyptus! It's amazing.com to say the least! I just discovered it too and plan to go back after the longer runs!!


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