RunCLE- Training update- Most Magnificent Training week and a Giveaway!!!

This week was pretty awesome!

But, its even better for you because, I get the channel my inner Oprah and let one of you guys win a free entry to the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon! Yep! You get a car, you get a car!! One of you gets a free race entry!!!!  Its your lucky day!

But first, you get to check out my awesome training week in recap form :)

Last week was FINALLY nice out and, I actually got back to running outside again and it was kind of the best! Now my Mondays are up to 50 minutes and I cant get that in on my lunch breaks, so two runs are kind of a must. I was able to do a quick 2 miles outside after work and it was so nice. I'd rather do that than miss out on 50 minutes with the boys after school when time is so limited with them anyhow.

Tuesday was my usual Total Body Toning class at the gym. I love this class, for realz, its the best!

Wednesday is my long day running at lunch and I have adjusted my work schedule to let me be there over my usual hour. It was an awesome run!  I run on the treadmill and sometimes the treadmill in small doses is kind of amazing! It lets me push my pace faster and I cant help but the keep better track of it when its right in my face. I was a great run and I kept up with the 10 minute/ mile pace the whole time. I know to some that isn't anything to write home about, but to me, its pretty awesome :)

killed it!

Thursday and Friday I had lunch plans and wasn't able to get anything in after work besides keeping the kids alive and fed (joking... kind of).

But, Saturday was uber awesome! The morning was rainy so my running bestie (hi Lynanne!) and me decided to wait until after lunch to get out there. We had 14 miles on the plan. We started about 2:45 and just kept going!  We kept weaving in and out of streets near her neighborhood and I kept hearing the miles tick by one after the other and I was just so amazed that we did it. I knew we could, but that is the farthest that either one of us had gone in our lives! We did take a mid run potty break at the Most Magnificent McDonalds. (Any Warren people out there? You know what I'm talking about!) It was great, after we high fived and did a little jig I took screen shots of everything about the run, because I just don't want to forget it! I was kind of a blob the rest of the night and my knees were a little achy. I was happily surprised on Sunday that I wasn't sore.

I know that from here on out, the long weekend runs will get more intense and we will have to pick up the pace a little bit. I'm actually looking forward to hitting more milestones with these long runs! Its crazy to me still that I am actually doing this!

Last week:
50 min-
5 mi
TBT class
60 min-
6 mi
14.1 mi

So, if you are actually still awake after all of that fluff and recapping, congratulations!  Thanks for reading, special shout out to those who aren't related to me!

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Don't forget to check out the other Cleveland Marathon Ambassadors! Every one of  them is in the training mode with race day a mere 60 days away!

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  1. Wow! Fourteen miles, just like that! My quads still ache and I'm thinking of doing 12 this weekend. Kudos to you!


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