RunCLE... and the winner is

This was the most fun week!!!
I felt a little like a celeb with the @clevemarathon tweeting about me and all, I mean come ON! way cool

But even more cool is that I was able to help someone else get excited about this race that I love so much!
I actually got a few people excited about the race, so thanks for everyone who read my post and my blog and took the time to enter the contest!

So, drumroll please.............

Amy B! 

She's even tweeted me a few times about it this week: shes a recent birthday girl and is going to be doing the half marathon!

Yay Amy!!!! Good luck girl, i know you are gonna kill it!!!

Ill post a training update later, but i was too excited not to share the winner  :)
Don't forget to check out the other Cleveland Marathon Ambassadors! We are all getting pretty excited!

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