RunCLE40- Lucky number 8

Here we go, we are officially 1 week from race day!  I'm so freaking excited! I LOOOOOOVE race week. There is something about it that just feels electric! I haven't been that great of a blogger lately because life has been well, busy!  But I have so much to say. The last few weeks have been FUN.

I had a meet up with some of the other ambassadors and it made me really excited to spend time with them. I cant really explain how we just all click, but we just do. And getting any amount of time with them is always so fun.

Love these guys!

Later that week I ran the Hall of Fame marathon relay and got some serious time with  my friend (and fellow ambassador) Stephani. I have a whole recap of that race that ill post later. But we just talked and talked and talked, it was just the most fun time!

This is us, having a hoot of a good time! I just love her!

My Ryan turned the big 6 and we had a little celebration for him, How in the world is he 6?  Then the boys and I went to watch my running bestie run her 2nd marathon in Pittsburgh! We spent the rest of the day exploring the city and the Science Museum.

Look at that 6 year old!

Lynanne, the runner of Steel!

Its been crazy!  But all good crazy! I have been averaging about 18-20 miles a week and I'm feeling strong and ready for my 8th half marathon! I thought it might be fun to see how far I have come since my first half. These are all from my athlinks page. Do you have one?  Its really fun to track all of you official results.

The first half marathon I did was back in 2010 and It was a big deal. I knew I could at least walk it if nothing else and I did basically walk a good portion of it. I had just found out I was pregnant with Ryan and I was seriously under-trained. The best memory of that race was that I ran with my mom. She was pretty hardcore and I'm sure it was hard for her to slow to my pace that day.

In 2012, I was ready!  Ryan has just turned 1 and I had put in a decent amount of training for the day. I felt strong and really good to go. I had a girls weekend planned with my friend Susannah and we stayed the night in Cleveland so it was super easy to get the start line. The night before I started feeling really sick, and the morning of I knew it was going to be a struggle. By mile 2, I told Susannah to go on without me and walked the rest. It was painful. I had a nasty sinus infection and was getting the cold chills on a 80 degree day. I finished, but I wanted a do over.

In 2014, I got my do-over. I took a year off in the middle to have Jack but was back at it and had trained my ass off. I was really and so freaking excited to run that day. I ran a really good race that day and it was so fun to have both of the boys at the finish line!

In 2015 Lynanne and I ran Akron on a whim and then last year we did Pittsburgh and Cleveland back to back. Cleveland last year was truly terribly conditions but it is my PR!  Then early this year we did a half in Youngstown. I was super undertrained and the hills killed me, but it was still fun.

But this is it. A week from right now ill be hopefully 8-9 miles into my 8th half. My goal of this half marathon is to PR and I think that is a very possible goal. I have never really run to race. I know that I'm not in it to win it by any means and honestly, I just like to have fun when I run. I really like soaking up all of the crowds. I like high fiving all of the kids who want to and I like stopping for really stupid pictures. So, the thought of actually running it to beat a super specific time is a little bit scary for me to be perfectly honest. Im so excited and cant wait to see all the fun of this coming week! What are your goals of CLE?  Are you racing? Or do you just soak it all up? All that I know is that I cant freaking wait!!!!!  Here we go Cleveland!  40 looks so good on you! See you all at the start line!

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  1. Good luck this weekend! I was there in 2012 as well and it was brutal. I also took a good year off after having my baby before running again.


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