RunCLE40- New shoes and Elmo

Week 2 of training felt like a good one!
I was able to get some kind of activity in mostly every day, even if it was just 2 quick lunchtime miles and I’m feeling great about it! This month is just about moving more frequently than I have been and getting my butt back to the gym and running. It just feels good to be back into a routine. And let’s not pretend for a second that those new cushy socks with the longer backs that don’t slip into your shoes that I scored with my Kohl’s cash and my new kicks aren’t motivating the hell out of me! New awesome gear is the really the best!

So, I’m back at it. My major race of the year is Cleveland and I can’t wait!  I’m planning to run the half marathon this year. I may be doing the Challenge series too, but logistically I’m trying to work that out. And check this out..

I’m super honored and excited to be a part of this race again! This is year 3 and I can’t say enough about how amazing it’s been to connect with the other ambassadors and the people who run this race. They motivate and inspire me daily!

I feel good to be preparing for the half marathon this year. It’s the right distance for me for the time that I can commit to it. There will be a day in the future that I’ll be running a full again, but that day is not today and I’m totally ok with it. My best training girl Lynanne is running the Pittsburgh full again this year, so on the weekends that I can run with her, I’ll be joining her for her long runs which will be fun! My main goal of the year is to crush my half marathon PR which is 2:21:23 from last year’s insane Cleveland marathon. You can see that recap here. I also have started to go back to my TBT classes at lunch which is short for Total Body Toning: it’s a mix of weights and some cardio. This class kicks my butt in the best way possible.
Here is what last week looked like for me




Arm workout at the gym


2.7 miles at lunch




3 miles with Lynanne


2 miles before work


5 miles, before work and at lunch


Road trip to Buffalo- Does a dance party with Elmo count as cardio?

This weekend the boys and I went to my sister’s house in Buffalo to celebrate my sweet nephew who turned 2! He loves Elmo so what is better than a dance party with the furry red guy and then some cake? We had a blast and really enjoyed some serious family time. 

Things you should know this week:
  1. Fellow ambassador Jill has her book launch party this Saturday in Lakewood! You can check her book out here and even meet her and have her sign your book this weekend at Mahalls in Lakewood from 1:30-3:30.

  2. This is more of a thing to do, but after you sign up for Cleveland, you should book your hotel too! I can’t tell you how much better it is when you are actually there for the race weekend instead of driving in and finding parking on top of trying to feeling cool and calm before a race. This is on my list of things to do this week for sure!

  3. You are amazing! Yes, YOU and you can do anything you set your mind to so set those goals and start checking them off!

As always be sure to check out what my fellow ambassadors are up to this week, there are some fun giveaways happening !  You can also follow me on IG @running_with_jazzhands!

Have a jazz-tastic week!


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