RunCLE- self-timer love and training update

As an ambassador for the 2nd year in a row, I started to wonder how I could up my game and make it better for anyone reading my blog and following my IG account. Everyone likes a running selfie, or a picture of your shoes with the miles you run, but as I looked back, all of my pictures from last year started to look the same. 

I know that this obviously isn’t the hard hitting journalistic view on running, but I’m guessing that there is a niche of you out there (maybe?) that want to take more interesting pictures of your runs. I know that I did. Then I met my IG friend Heather in real life back in January at a training run and I asked her secret to her awesome running photos. She told me that she just used her self-timer on her phone and propped it up on whatever was nearby or she had her running buddy take pictures. It sounded easy enough.  I got brave one day at the gym and tried it. I felt a little silly taking pictures but for the greater good of my Instagram account and for the sake of more interesting photos, why not. I started just taking push up and stretching photos, some were decent, some will never see the light of day, but I was gaining confidence. I got a few really cool pictures and it’s a great way to remember the journey of this training cycle. It’s kind of my fun moment after a run to figure out a different way to get a shot. Here are a few of my favs so far. Much cooler right? 


I also downloaded a cool app called studio that makes editing my pictures cool that let you layer on images, different cool fonts and art. I also use Pic Stich to make collages. Do you guys use any aps that you really love? 

This week was really an awesome running week. I was able to stick to my plan more than usual and got in some great mileage. I also started a plank challenge that I have been doing daily. I’m on day #8 and it’s a great way to kick off the day! 
This past week: 26.8 miles
Monday- I took my cardio core class, this is 30 minutes at lunch and it includes burpees, lunges, pushups, planks, and lots of abs. It’s a great quick workout and it’s kicking my butt in a good way. It’s been a great way to spend a rest day. 
Tuesday- I got in 4 miles (10:17 pace) on the track during lunchtime. I felt good and strong. I love running after a rest day, I feel like I can just keep going forever (or until lunch is over). 
Wednesday- I did a little over 2 miles (10:12 pace) and then I added in a miles of speed-work. I sprinted about 3/4 the track at top speed and then walked to the start again. It felt good and I’m learning it's necessary if I ever want to pick up the pace. 
Thursday- Another lunch spent on the track for 3.5 miles (10:24 pace)
Saturday- Saturday Lynanne and I were excited to participate in the 1st annual Niles Wellness Center half marathon. We were the only participants, but it made it feel more exciting to us! 13.1 miles on a track really is never that exciting, but we kept up the pace and had a great time. My Nike app said we did 13.1 miles (10:13 pace), but I’m a little skeptical. I’m really looking forward to this beautiful weather that is coming in to get outside and really confirm my pace. My PR an 11:04 mile. Stay tuned for more on that. Another awesome thing that happened on Saturday is that my new shoes arrived!!!!! And holy cats, I ordered my shoes Friday morning at about 5:30am and there they were, on my front porch, Saturday afternoon at 2pm! It’s always a great day when new shoes arrive, but when they arrive at lightning speed, I’m all in! 
Sunday- I had to test those new shoes and I felt like Forrest Gump. They were so cushy and I felt like I could run forever, but I had a tax appointment so I had to cut it short. But I managed to get in 3.2 extra zippy miles in (9:43 pace). This was pretty fast for me and I was stoked. 

Are you guys all signed up for Cleveland? This year they are starting the challenge series that is awesome!  You can sign up for the 5K & 10K, the 8K & half, or the 8k & full. You also get an extra medal for completing this! Just think of it as an extra training run! The cut off is early for this challenge series (March 15th) Go sign up now and don’t miss out on the extra fun!
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  1. OMG 13.1 miles on a track? Good thing you had your friend for company. that scenery sounds borrrrring! I've been using an app called Word Swag lately, but I'll give Studio a try. Self timer, huh? I wondered how Andrew and others took pics of themselves in action too - thought they might have really nice friends or something. Gotta look into that self-timer thing! Thanks so much! Talk to you by FaceTime (skype?) later!

  2. Yes. You must learn how to use the self timer, it will change your life!!!


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