RunCLE- ambassador meet up and a training update

What a great week!
I tried to play it cool, but I have been looking forward to this week since back in the fall when I was told I could be an ambassador for the Cleveland marathon again! This week we had a meet up with all of the local ambassadors! We were even able to FaceTime with Debi in Florida! Last year, it was a new fun group of people for me and everyone was so nice and welcoming. But this year, it's family! We share a bond that is hard to put into words. We lift each other up and celebrate even the smallest of victories in our group. We text each other on a bad day and cheer for each other even louder on the good ones.  It's just one of the most fun groups I have ever been lucky enough to connect with in my life! We really enjoy each other company! I think we were all so excited to spend an evening hanging out together. Kayla did an awesome job organizing! I really love these people and look forward to another get together and race weekend where we really get to enjoy each other and cheer each other on!

Mary is the bomb!

Joe, Jamie and Emily! I love these guys!!!

We finally met in person! I was so excited!

Stephani my favorite quick witted teacher! Her blog cracks me up every week! Love her!

This weeks training

Total miles: 19 miles. Not my plan at all, but the best I could do this week. 

Monday: I have started this cardio core class and it's awesome. It's 30 minutes at lunch and I get in a decent work out!

Tuesday: 4 miles on the track at lunch 10:18 pace

Wednesday: Meet up day!!! My plan was to make it my 2 workout day and run at lunch and after work before the meet up but my knee had other plans. Lynanne and I hit up the bike path at lunch and after a mile of running faster than normal (9:30ish) my left knee was in a lot of pain. Crap! We ended up walking a lot of next 2 miles. I gave it a shot after work too but my knee was in a lot of pain so I stopped after a few times around the track. I did some weights and got ready for our night out. 

Knee pain can't hurt a running selfie!

Here we ALL are! My photoshop skills at their finest! 

Thursday: After a not great running day I was excited to get back out there and take it slow and log some miles and when I arrived at the gym I discovered I brought two tops and no pants. Fail! Maybe someone was telling me to just take it easy so I listened.  I hit up the eucalyptus room and sweated it out for awhile feeling nice and refreshed. 

Friday: I have the kiddos this weekend and I knew I needed to take advantage of a little PTO so I could get in a short run. I squeezed in 4 good miles on the track and my knee felt good! I started using a patella (IT band strap) that worked and gave me some extra confidence. I kept a 10:09 pace. 

Saturday: I signed up Ry for t-ball ( look for pics in June!!!) had some fun family time, and then took the kids to the park. It's a few blocks down the street and usually a quick little trip but it was muddy there and the kids wanted to ride their bikes. 2 miles later our adventure ended with Ryan running the last block to take a little tinkle in the yard. I swear, not a day passes where there isn't an emergency stop for the rest room. Life with boys I guess!?!  

Sunday: We played in the yard, played lots of go fish and I then I snuck out of the house for a quick grocery trip and 6 speedy miles on the track! 9:53 pace! I was really excited! Thanks zippy new shoes!
The kids were not alone, thanks Nana and Papa for hanging with them! Then we had a nice dinner and some cake! Jack turns three on St Pattys day! It's gonna be a great week! 

Did you guys sign up for your Cleveland experience yet? What the heck are you waiting for? This is the LAST WEEK to sigh up for the challenge series! I know I'm not going to miss out on that fun!! You have until Tuesday to sign up! You know you want the extra medal! Go sign up now

We are still looking for volunteers too!! If you want to be a part of an awesome race but haven't quite made it out to run lately, then this is for you!!! Grab a friend or 20 and sign up!! You will be happy that you did! One of my favorite memories of last year was waiting with all of the volunteers at mile 25 of the Pittsburgh marathon waiting for her to come through! Its so much fun!!! I promise I'll high five you along the way!

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  1. THat's awesome! You got Debi in there! You are a photoshop genius!

    1. Hahaha look closely, doug and Christine are there too!!

  2. ....and while you were photoshopping, you couldn't shave an extra 20 pounds off? Just kidding, I AM grateful you've included me so I was there - kind of.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Kate. It's feeling better! Xoxo


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