RunCLE- whirlwind weeks

The last two and a half weeks have been nothing short of crazy, but it’s all been worth it because we got an offer on our house!  Hooray! So, pending all legal stuff and inspections it’s a done deal. It’s a very mixed bag of emotions for me leaving that house, but all of the hard work has finally hopefully paid off. I spent pretty much every free day of the summer and fall painting, working on the basement and cleaning everything out. And getting the house in show worthy condition with my adorable little tornadoes is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreo cookies! But, it was worth it! So, please excuse my absence, I have been working on house stuff that took up a lot of my time. 

Besides all of that fun, I have been able to get in some decently solid-ish running. Running is my happy place and there were days that I had to stay at work and not run at lunch and I was just craving a run. It really can calm me down and de-stress me like nothing else. I’m looking forward to the whirlwind to be calmer and to get to focus on running more. 

Here is how the last two weeks panned out.
Week of 2/9- 19.2 miles
Monday- 3 easy miles at lunch
Tuesday- a 5k on the track, for less than 2 minutes saying 5k is way better than 3 miles!  But, there are days that 2 minutes can make or break me getting back on time. 
Friday- 3 miles a lunch
Sunday- 10 miles on the track with Lynanne

Week of 2/15- 18.2 miles
Monday- Core class
Thursday- 3.2 at lunch
Saturday- 9 miles with Lynanne,
Sunday- 6 miles running in my hometown, soon to be my new town again at a good pace and great weather! Even stopped by my grandparents old house that has a million and one memories. 

I'm really looking forward to getting to focus back on my running more than the house and get my miles higher in the next few weeks! 

I also wanted to show you guys a fun gift I received! One of my running buddies just opened an Etsy shop and is making these awesome coasters! Check them out! 

And don't worry, this is a color copy of my bib from last year, not the original! But what a cool way to remember a special race! Check out his other stuff here!

Happy running guys!