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After my best week ever in blogging, I had a really awesome week running too! I seemed to have a little more motivation and having nicer than normal February Ohio weather made it easy to get some longer runs in during the weekend too! So, yay for that! 

I had a really good conversation with one of my friends Rachel too about what mileage I should be aiming for while training and it helped a lot! She helped me determine that I should be doing two runs on the weekend because during the week I really don’t have the time to commit to anything longer than 5ish, maybe 6 on a lunch run. The new goal is to hi 20-25 miles per week for the next month, and then up it to 25-30 miles per week in March, and then 30-35 miles per week in April.  Then up to 40 a week before my taper. It seems pretty high, but I’m excited to have someone else’s input on my plan of attack. The goal this year is to be faster than last year, which should be fairly achievable. Also, (shameless plug) but Rachel is not only a fellow Ambassador for the Cleveland Marathon, she’s a certified trainer, so you can get her help too if you need some advice on how to tackle your next race too. 

Here is how last week went:

Total: 21.8 miles

Monday- I did a 30 min core class that was more of a core cardio and it was killer, but awesome and ran a mile after before I high tailed it back to work

Wednesday- got in 4 solid miles on the track at lunch

Thursday- 2 miles on the track and then knee pain struck, so hot up the elliptical for another 1.5 miles

Saturday- It was a busy morning with the kids but got a solid 6.5 miles in outside in some really nice weather

Sunday- 8ish miles with Lynanne who was freshly back from the Florida sun!  it wasn’t quite Florida weather, but outside in Mid-February in Ohio, I’ll take it!

Now, for what you are probably waiting for, or maybe you already scrolled down to find out the winner of the race giveaway is Amy L! (I used the miniwebtool/ random-name-picker to choose). 

Congrats to Amy for winning!!!! I can’t wait to see the shirts and Medal this year too Amy! 

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway and be sure to follow the other Cleveland Marathon Ambassadors to check out the other race giveaways that are happening each week!  Follow these guys for some awesome inspiration too!  These people are incredible!

Here's to another great week of running!

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  1. Thank you for the plug, mama! You're so awesome. I KNOW you'll do well with your training. You've got this!


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