RunCLE training update- Intervals rock and a new nephew

This was a super exciting week

Not just with training, but my sister had a baby!!!
You have to let me gush about this cutie for just a moment!
Erin is a ROCK STAR and was in labor almost a whole day and just in the nick of time on 1.15.15 her sweet little Mitchell was born! I was able to make it to Buffalo this weekend to spend some quality time with the adorable new family of four :) I even got to take Kenzie to tap class, I don't think I have ever been so excited! Baby Mitchell is the sweetest little guy, with a whole head of hair and a super chill demeanor. I'm already counting down the days until I can go back to visit. Are they not the cutest?

Last week was my second full week of training and my first week on the Jenny Hatfield program. It was my first week that I ran to the minutes instead of the miles and I have to say, I kind of LOVED it!  It rocked. It let me focus on the time and let the miles take care of themselves. I did intervals on my 2 weekday runs and it made the time go by so fast.

I started with a 5 minute warm-up at a 6 on the treadmill and then bumped it up to a 7 for 3 in, then 1 minute at 6, then 3 at 7.1, and another at 6, I kept going up until I hit 7.5 and needed a walk break. On Thursday I did something similar where I did the same warm-up and then starting at 7 increased the level each minute. 1 minute at 7, next minute at 7.1, and so on until I got to 8 and then decreased each minute. The decrease was the hard part for me, but again the workout went fast and I was a little over 4 miles each run and that felt rock star to me! 

On Tuesday and Thursday I went to my normal Total Body Toning class, the class is weights with some cardio and its always a little different and I LOVE it!

I moved my long run to Friday because of my trip to the Buff. It felt good on Friday and I actually felt like I could have kept on going. I kept it at a good even pace. Getting into this week taking two days off was harder than I thought, but I also think focusing on getting a better nights rest would really benefit me.

 Last week:
40 min-
4.1 mi
TBT class
40 min-
4.1 mi
Out of town
Out of town
How is training going for you guys? Anyone else training for their first full? You veteran marathon runners, what tips do you have for us beginners?

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  1. I'm going to have to try the treadmill interval thing. That might alleviate some of the incredible boredom and distress I feel on the treadmill. I do like the idea of running for time instead of distance. Myfitnesspal helps with that because it only calculates time in an activity to determine calories burnt.

  2. Girl, this is my new favorite! I love to mix it up and before you know it you are done and you have gone further than you thought you could! Let me know how you like it and if you find a workout that works for you with intervals! I like warming up and then hitting top speed first when i have the most energy!


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