This just happened today. Maybe you are saying, "hey lady that's a lie because haven't you been running for years? and didn't you do a marathon?"  Yes, yes I did. But starting again on Jan 1st was just as hard for me as it is anyone. I didn't run much the last half of 2017 and definitely nothing consistent. So, this is a new training season and like I have mentioned I have a new commitment to myself to get in some miles everyday and I have only missed one day so far! Today I met up with my running buddy and we did 4 miles at the indoor track and it FELT GOOD! I didn't feel like I was going to die and that is a difference from just 3 weeks ago when I started. 

The past two weeks have been great training wise! I have been averaging about 18 miles a week, which is pretty big for me. I'm really lucky to have an amazing gym facility right across the street at my work. I credit this to one of my key factors to be able to run as much as I do. I am able to take my lunch break on the track or the treadmill and stick to my plan of daily miles. If work is too busy, we have an indoor path from building to building that I have also been able to use to get some movement and just walk, but it all counts!

Just yesterday was the official kickoff run for the marathon and it was so fun!  It's such great motivation to see all the people who are excited for the race and are starting to train. I also love seeing the race crew and some of my fellow ambassadors who are much more like family to me these days. We also had some great weather to run outside in, it was about 42 degrees and it was so nice to hit the road with some sunshine, a big difference to the last few weeks of Northeast Ohio weather!

The kickoff run with some of my favorite people!

This week is super exciting for a few reasons!

It's GIVEAWAY WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I get to give one lucky person a race entry to the Cleveland Marathon event of their choice! There are so many events to choose from: the full 26.2, the half 13.1, 10k, 8k, 5k and even 1 mile. There is a race distance for everybody!  We even have an awesome kids run! Both of my boys participated in it last year. You have two chances a day to enter all week on Instagram and Facebook for a total of 10 entries!
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The other super fun thing that is new and exciting is that I have an official running coach this year! My good friend and fellow Cleveland Marathon Ambassador Rachel! You can find her here! Shes a badass runner and so motivating, Im excited to see how having a coach this year changes things up for my training!  Shes also taking new clients! Check her out if you are interested in one of her coaching plans!

Here is what my training looked like the past two weeks

Monday: 1.5 walking miles at work

Tuesday: quick 5K on the treadmill on my lunchbreak

Wednesday: 2 miles, 5 min at a time, in between burpees, pushups and planks. This HIIT kicked my butt!

Thursday: 5 miles on the treadmill with some Netflix to keep me company. Anyone else obsessed with the Crown? Its so great!

Friday: This was my big fat 0 miles day!  We had a crazy snow storm and I left work early to get the boys. Even the indoor track closed early that day. So no dice on miles.

Saturday: 3.5 miles on the indoor track with pushups, planks and burpees to round out the day

Sunday: 5k on the track with Lynanne

Monday: 5k on the treadmill on my lunchbreak

Tuesday: 2  miles, 5 min at a time. More HIIT intervals with burpees, pushups and planks.

Wednesday: 1 mile inside at work

Thursday: 5k on the treadmill

Friday: 1.5 miles, 5 min at a time with lots of squats and some leg work

Saturday: 4 miles for the official kickoff run for the marathon

Sunday: 4 miles today on the track with Lynanne!

Going forward, I'll be posting about my training at least once a week. And stay tuned to hear more about how its going having an official running coach.

Don't forget to check out what all of the other ambassadors are up to and follow along this week to enter my giveaway! Cant wait to pick a winner next Saturday morning! 


  1. OMG You Rock! I need to get busy!!!

    1. Thanks Deb :) You have an awesome fun run coming up dont you? I wish i could be there with Lynanne :)

  2. I also just started watching the Crown while I'm on the treadmill! It's a great show to watch on there and I am getting hooked. I had no idea any of that stuff happened so I feel like I'm freshening up on my European history :)


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