The truth

The truth is that the day was planned out to get some family pictures for my parents Christmas cards

The truth is that Erin's kiddos were willing to smile and take pictures and my boys were not even interested for a minute

The truth is that every time they act up I question if it's normal or if it's because of the divorce

The truth is that I had carefully planned our outfits to match so maybe this year we might be able to send out a Christmas card too

The truth is that even when they ask me a question for what seems like the millionth time or they need me to lay down with them to fall asleep I cherish it all

The truth is that I want them to grow into kind and open minded giving people

The truth is that it breaks my heart more than I can say that I don't get to tuck them into bed every single night like I should 

The truth is that this has been the hardest few years of my life but I wouldn't have made it very far without my boys

The truth is that they make me laugh and giggle and exhausted but excited to discover the world every day

The truth is that I wouldn't have it any other way

The truth is that my boys are amazing and I'm the luckiest to be their mom

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