RunCLE- A very minimal training update

I can talk for hours about how life gets in the way of plans and how we all need to be kind to ourselves and just go with it, and I have. But sometimes I think that’s all I have been talking about lately. 

The last few weeks have been challenging. I got strep and it kicked my ass for an entire weekend, I moved, and very sadly my grandpa passed away. I was a mess. Running very rarely made the top of my priority list. I’m too embarrassed to even post what I have actually run the past few weeks, but I can tell you that it was minimal at best. 

The good news is that it’s getting better! This weekend I have a half marathon and a 5K in Pittsburgh. I’m doing the “Runner of Steel Challenge” with my running bestie and pretty excited about it.  It’s similar the Cleveland Marathon’s “Challenge Series” where you run a smaller race the day before and get a bonus third medal for completing both which is always fun! I have never run in Pittsburgh, so it should be really fun and good scenery!  I’m also looking forward to hanging out at the Cleveland Marathon booth at the Pittsburgh expo for a few hours on Saturday!

Speaking of Cleveland, its coming up fast: only 15 days away and I’m pretty excited about it! It’s going to be an awesome weekend! I’m so looking forward to seeing all of my ambassador peeps and getting a chance to hang out with all of them!

What are you guys doing this weekend? Are you all signed up to run CLE? And if not you can still volunteer and hand out some high fives! 

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