a strange anniversary

today i realized while talking to a friend that it had been 6 months exactly
its not a day that i had on the calendar
its not a date that i even care to remember
but, it crept into my head and i was almost surprised by where i was
today is 6 months since my life was changed
when i went to bed on June 15th, i didn't know how i would make it a week on my own
i remember leaving all the lights on in the basement and thru the house because i was scared
scared to be alone, scared of the choice that we had made and scared for my future
i called my cousin much to late at night, luckily she picked up (thanks Anne) and she listened to me talk and cry and tell her what i was scared to tell the world

then i remember hitting a week 
and then a month 
and then a new season- I was never more ready for fall to arrive
and then i opened up on the honest mom blog and received so much positive feedback that i took a deep breath and kept going

and here we are 6 months into it, and i'm still here
and i'm so grateful for all of my friends and family that have "picked up" 
picked up to call, to send a text or a card, or to go on a run or share a beer
it has been a life changing 6 months to say the least but we are still doing ok
the boys are good and crazy as ever
2015 is going to be bright 
and though i'm not totally sure what it has in store, i know its going to be good!


comments are the double stuff oreos to my milk :)