Sleepy Heads

I have fallen hard off the blog wagon this year with this as my whopping second post of the year.... but, its a good one.

I couldn't help myself when I saw Katie start the Bower Power Picture Party. I love taking pictures, mostly of the boys and someday dream of owning a nicer camera to work on my craft. But, until then I have my trusty old point and shoot and it usually does this trick. This is one of my favorites and we used it on our Christmas card this year. After 2 rounds of Christmas Card attempts with no luck, I decided to throw some twinkle lights on the bed and put the boys all snuggled up together. Its a little dark, but it's still one of my favorites of them together.

 Now, if only they would always look this peaceful!
Can't wait to see what Katie's theme is next month!


  1. I love the lighting in your picture!


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