Happy birthday Jack!

Tomorrow Jack is one! I have been meaning to write about his actual birth day for about a year now also. I just don’t want to forget all of the details of one of the best days in my life. I feel like Sophia from the Golden Girls now, but here it is…..

Picture it, Newton Falls, March 17th 2013. At about 7 in the morning my mom and dad came over to spend the day with Ryan. I was supposed to check in at the hospital at 8 to be induced.  I was really crossing my fingers that it would work and Jack would officially be a St Paddy’s day boy!

From the moment I knew my due date, I was really hoping that I would have a St Paddy’s day baby! It’s always been a very fun and special holiday for my family so I knew it would be extra fun to have him then!  And who wouldn't want that as a birthday? So, my awesome Dr agreed to induce me. I was really hoping Jack would be on board with being born on time since my actual due date was not until the 20th.

We made it to the hospital and up to our room by 8 and discovered that I was in the exact same room that I had Ryan- Room #6. Also, interesting to note that 6 has always been my luck number (birth date 6/6). I was feeling lucky, so I was hoping that Jack would be too. I was a little hesitant to pick an induction date because I felt like I was tempting fate, but it was really handy to have it planned so I wasn't going into labor in the middle of the night and needing to have someone come over to be with Ryan at 3 in the morning!

My nurse Gayle was the best!  She helped me thru step by step and we had a good morning with not too much action. When I arrived I think I was maybe 2cm. I knew I had a long way to go. And based on my history with Ryan, I knew it could be a very long wait until Jack made his grand appearance. I was also VERY concerned that Jack was going to be larger than Ryan. Ry was a whopping 9lb 11oz and it took for-ev-er to come out!  My Dr assured me that Jack was smaller, but I was still a little leery.

By about noon there was still not too much happening so Dr D came in and broke my water, hoping that would get things moving along. I now had 12 hours to get Jack out. I had some visitors stopping in to check on me. Mom and dad had dropped off Ry at Thad's moms house so they were there.  Thad’s best friend Jonathan was there most of the day too, he has spent the entire day that Ryan was born with us too at the hospital and wanted to be there again. My bestie Missy stopped in for a little bit too. I also got a visit from a real leprechaun!  I was having decent contractions and I told Gayle that I was ready for some pain meds. So, sometime during the time that Missy was there, I was given Nubain for the pain and things started to get a little fuzzy. The best description I could say was that I was feeling buzzed, It was hard to focus on conversation and I was feeling super sleepy and everything was pretty hilarious. About an hour later, I was given the epidural and I was only 4cm. I wasn't sure at this point if Jack was going to arrive by midnight. It was already close to 5pm, and it wasn't looking good.

An hour later the nurse came in and asked me if I felt any pressure or the urge to push, and I said that now that she mentioned it, I did. She said I was at 10 cm already and they were calling the Dr in. I was there and so so excited to get this show on the road. Thad has just stepped out of the building so it sent everyone in a little tizzy to find him. They turned on those incredibly bright overhead lights that I totally forgot about until that moment and things were getting going. Thad walked in with Dr D and we were mentally preparing ourselves for awhile of pushing, since it took 4 hours with Ryan. 

The nurse said I could start pushing and it took 3 whole pushes and at 6:07pm our family grew by one sweet Jack! We were all so shocked how quickly he arrived and I was surprised at how tiny he seemed. He was only 7lbs and 4oz. So teeny tiny compared to what I was prepared for!  He cried right away and then as soon as they handed him to me he calmed right down.  That moment was very telling of his temperament. This whole first year he has been a very calm little guy for the most part. He has his crazy moments but he is so sweet and we couldn't imagine our family without him.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole year since he came into our lives and I’m feeling quite nostalgic. But, I’m also so excited to see what this year has in store for us and to see the boys start to become better friends.

Happy First Birthday to our sweet Jack Sullivan! We love you more every single day!  


  1. I LOVE my little St. Paddy's Day nephew!! Such a cutie pie! it's going to be a fun year ahead with 2 toddlers running around. Lots and lots and lots of Love to Ryan & Jack!!

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