some fun on a Sunday night

Some Sunday randoms for you to enjoy, or to not enjoy. 
I have no fun "model shots" of myself like the girl i copied this from. So, too bad. Check my instagram feed if you want to see what i look like ;)

Making: no sense, a million holiday related things, cleaning house things, or you know showering right now. But this seems like way more fun. 
Cooking : nothing at all...
Drinking : ice water, you know to balance out all the crap i have eaten in the last 5 days. 
Reading : my bloglovin feed- hence this post.
Wanting : to have all the Christmas related tasks done already. 
Looking: at the new TV in our living room- Thanks Zach and Sarah!  :)
Playing: dumb and not wanting to admit that i really still dont have the Christmas card photo after two photo shoot attempts. 
Wasting: my free time on this blog post. Gotta stay relevant- happy December post 5 people who actually read this blog ;)
Sewing: nothing- maybe next year?
Wishing: that my lunch for tomorrow was already packed and sitting happily int he fridge. 
Enjoying: a DVRd episode of the Voice. 
Waiting: for the kitties to leave the me alone. 
Liking: leggings?!?!  never in a zillion years did i think that sentace would come out of my moth. 
Wondering: what the new year will bring.
Loving: my time with the boys- they are so sweet and i know that 10 years will go by in a blink and they won't want to hang with their mom anymore. 
Hoping: that i can be on time to work tomorrow.  
Marveling: at how we already got a Christmas card in the mail this weekend- what?!?!
Needing: more sleep- always, always :)
Smelling: the cheese nips Thad is munching on. 
Wearing: jeans and a sweatshirt, too lazy to change just yet. 
Following: some new blogs that make me wish i had more time to write on mine. 
Noticing: that everyone in the world on fb and ig has thier tree up already when ours is still in the corner of the basement, covered in dust and possibly cat fur, untouched since last January. 
Knowing: that next weekend, i will be able to tackle the Christmas decorating. 
Thinking: about how tomorrow is cyber Monday and i have no shopping plans, still. 
Feeling: lucky- still not sure who let me have kids, but they are the best. Now is the time, they are so much fun, even when they are driving me nuts. 
Bookmarking: some possible Christmas gift ideas. 
Opening: the fridge, way too much lately. 
Giggling: at the holiday inflatables that people put in their yard. I never say never, but i have a strong hatred for them.
Feeling: excited that they kids have been in bed for a whole hour already and i have time to do some fun things. (like this awesome post).

Go ahead- copy this and tell me what you are up to like i did to Grace. Or don't, and laugh at me for wearing leggings.