Betting on me

Any mom knows that losing the baby weight is hard. Finding the time, the energy, and the motivation is even harder. And that has been a struggle for me since having Jack. Since I work about an hour from home its hard to even get the necessities in every night, let alone time to work out. It’s the mom guilt! If I go when the kids are awake, I feel like a bad mom for not hanging out with them the few precious hours I actually have with them a day. But going after they are in bed is hard to because it’s the only hour or so I have a day that chores/ relaxing/ and getting prepped for the next day. And the thought of getting up before 5am to get in a workout just is laughable to me.

But, I have lucked out and I do pay for gym access at work on my lunch hour! (Cue the angel choir) I have a whole glorious hour a day to do whatever I want. For the past few months I would use it to relax, to write blog posts, to catch up with friends but I was committed to getting to the gym more often. 

A month ago one of my favorite bloggers Roo started up a diet bet. Check her blog here. You can read more about the start of my process here. I felt pretty sure that I was able to lose the 4% in the allotted 28 days because I was still 10 lbs over my pre-baby weight. So, I started tracking my calories (something that I had never really committed to before) and OMG, it was working!  The first week I lost like 6lbs and I thought it was a mean joke. I think it was water weight, but it was and awesome way to kick it off! Then it was slow and steady the whole time and guess what?  I freaking lost 10 lbs!  And there are pants that I can wear now that I haven’t worn in quite some time and I feel so much better. And guess what?  I am not stopping- i know i can do it again, so i'm starting another one tomorrow!

The start and progress shot.
I'm really not going to make a habit of taking any photos in spandex- but it was required for the site. 

Here are some things that really made all the difference for me that might work for you to if you want to give it a go. 
  • Join with a bud- my LA BFF Katie joined too and we would text each other for support and motivation. It helped soo much! Even if I ate bad for a day, we knew that a better day was around the corner.
  • Use the message board! People are always there- there was a day that I really wasn't feeling like going to the gym and I posted that and people responded and it got my ass across the street and another workout in.
  • Use the money as a motivator. I did this a lot! Thinking of all of the cool workout gear I could get if I won a lot kept me moving and wanting my $30 back, kept egging me on. 
  • Use a calorie counter app. This was BY FAR the biggest eye opener!  OMG, the calories I’m sure I was consuming prior to this was probably scary! And I was able to indulge here and there, but not all the time like I was doing before. And I used this during the day a lot more strict then I did at night. For dinner, I just tried to be more sensible.
  • Get moving. Even if it was a day that I couldn't get to the gym I would go out and play with the kids or go on a quick walk around the block or two.
  • Curb that need for a snack with some water. Not all the time, but most of the time, if I wanted a snack I would have a whole glass of water and then I could have a smaller snack. I ended of with more bathroom trips, but it worked.

This was by far the best diet I have ever tried and i'm so happy that I did it. Round two starts tomorrow! So, here is to another 4% loss!  If you want to join me click here!  If you are looking to lose some lbs, this is totally your chance!