whats 4%?

There have been days (a lot actually lately) when I feel like I am living in a comic strip. Kind of a mix from that lady Maxine: me- hair unkept, running around with a bathrobe on with my cats and babies flailing about, family circus : with the ones where they would have the dotted line all over the house showing the path of destruction from the kids roaming about the house, and Garfield: me again, eating anything not nailed down, including but not limited to a whole lasagna in just a gulp.



I need to get it together.

And I think (I HOPE) I’m not the only one.

I know working full time 45 minutes away with two kids 2 and under would be a challenge, but DAMN.
Somedays its all I have to just pull into work with the gas light on, a fresh check just written to the turnpike because I forgot to update the e-zpass website with my not expired credit card information and no lunch packed because I woke up to late to pack and forgot to brush my hair.

Needless to say there are a few areas in my life at the moment that are severely lacking.

But, leave it to my girl Roo to save the day. Starting tomorrow, its balls to the walls in on a fitness challenge! Check it out here. After I had Ryan the only thing that helped me lose the baby weight was signing up (and training for) a half marathon. I recently joined a relay team for the Akron Half Marathon. It’s not a whole half, but baby steps. I have been making it across the street to the gym at lunch about once a week the past month, but this fitness challenge will be a good kick in the too-tight-after-baby-pants that I need! Plus, there is an added bonus of the money involved. I’m throwing in 30 bucks and if I can lose the 4% I need, I can win that plus some back!  Score! Its a win- win if i win!  Ill fit back into some clothes that i said goodbye too awhile ago and ill have a little extra cash!

So- GAME. ON. girl.

If you are interested in joining us its not too late. Its gonna be awesome and hopefully give me some incentive to kick it up about 5 notches!