bits and pieces

life lately has been a little crazy

its been hectic, and sweaty, and i feel like i have been doing a lot of things half assed

did you ever read the shopaholic series?  how she gets bills and just stuffs them, unopened into pretty boxes that she has. well, i feel like that but not in the pretty boxes, just in a pile that i will get to eventually when i have time. that hasn't happened lately

its the tail end of summer time in Ohio and it's finally feeling like summer. im sticking to chairs in the house and its sweaty at night. the fans feel good but i am excited for fall to be in the air and get some cooler air partly because i miss my duvet and partly because i just LOVE fall. i also am dreaming of the day that we get AC in this old house. that will be a jump kick kind of day! perhaps next year?

generally, i feel like i have been running on empty. i know many many moms do this every day but the stuff that gets me through are those sweet little boys sitting in the back seat cooing and singing at me on the way home from work every night

our camera is currently holding photos from the end of may until now. i keep thinking that i will get to downloading and organizing them and the pictures from my phone and it keeps turning into a landslide of not organized adorable photos. not to mention i have not come close to getting Jack's birth pictures into a book or the book of 2012 or this year. someday right???

this week i started (loosely) meal planning. translate: i bought a wipe board from target and wrote down what we were going to have for dinner every night and planned groceries accordingly and an amazing thing happened- we actually did it!  gotta make plans for next week now.

Ryan is at such an amazing age. He is so sweet and i wish i was better at writing stuff down, you know the blogger monthly updates. Because i want to just freeze him in time and remember how adorably sweet he is right now. He learned how to say "Happy birthday" and is so proud of himself when he says it. He also can say "I did it" and sometimes really surprises us when he uses it correctly. He loves to love on Jack and when all of the kids at daycare say goodbye to Jack when I put him in his car seat, Ryan races over too and gives Jack a kiss. Pam (our awesome daycare lady) says that Ryan goes over to check on Jack throughout the day. Ryan loves to be imaginative, hes so good at pretending, and running, and getting better at jumping every day. He is seriously such a joy and sometimes i feel that my heart will just burst with love i have for him and Jack.

Jack is just the sweetest baby. He is always happy and loves to watch his surroundings. He is smiley all of the time and so cute. I just melt into a puddle of goo when he smiles at me and cannot believe how lucky i am to be his mom. He loves kicking his little legs and chewing on anything he gets his hands on. He has two little bottom teeth and is still a drooling machine. I'm sure that more teeth are scheduled to arrive soon. I am just in awe of him and his sweet personality every day.

I started a diet bet two weeks ago and its going pretty good. The most eye opening thing so far is simply me counting calories. I think i used to just at anything not nailed down and not care, all the while knowing it wasn't good for me. If i get nothing else out of this experience, its that i will continue to at least track my calories. I'm excited though and it's really motivating to see how everyone else is doing. I'm already halfway to my goal of 4%, so two more weeks... bring. it.

thad and i are still learning how to handle two little ones around and still get time for ourselves and each other. its not easy and there are some days that are way harder than others, but i know (and hope) that we are not the only ones. its a delicate balance and some days we just do not get it right. but at the end of the day he is so good with the boys and i cant imagine going on this wild ride with anyone else.

there you go, a blurry and messy little wrap up of our lives lately
we are looking forward to a long weekend of fun ahead
and maybe i'll actually get all of those photos downloaded and organized

here is to a weekend full of naps and re-fueling everyone's energy tank!


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