perfectly imperfect

this weekend there was a party
it was at a house that i have visited for years
a house where you don't have to knock
a house where my car just takes me 
i don't need street names or directions, i can just go there
like i have for what seems like a million times before

there was the usual party things happening
lots of food
plenty of wine 
many of my favorite people on the planet gathered together
there was laughter
and music playing loudly from the family room as it generally does

but the one thing that was different was the reason we gathered
we were there for the hostess
a hostess that would sometimes sing you into the house
a hostess that you may hear from the street cheering on her beloved buckeyes
a hostess that would sometimes be resting on the couch but always lit up when she saw you enter the room
she would sometimes be working on a art project
or editing photos 
or watching a tennis match

this weekend we were all there because our hearts were collectively broken
and in true aunt lorraine style we gathered in her beautiful house and were hosted by my amazing uncle jim and my cousins jay, jenn, chris, and leslie

there was a line of people when i arrived 
all holding flowers from their gardens
the house was transformed into the most beautiful display i had ever seen 
aunt lorraine loved pictures
and as one of her friends stated "she was able to find the beauty in the tiniest little thing and capture it in a photo"
she loves photography just as much as she loved her flowers
there was pictures of her, of her family, of her beloved pets, and the cards that she made

photo by eqm

i have been to many memorials before and they are all special in their own right
but this one, 
this celebration of life 
was perfect

it was perfect for her 
and perfect for how we all knew and loved her
she would have loved it and sang with us at the piano as songs broke out and as bottles of wine were emptied 
she would have cried with us as we cried and laughed with us when we laughed

many people were able to share their favorite stores and memories
and on that hot, humid day 
we all patiently listened 
and wanted to hear more 
more funny stories and beautiful memories of the hostess that is irreplaceable in all of our hearts

so, i'm asking you to let the little things slide
take time to be silly
love your pets
let the dishes pile up and extra night
smile at a stranger
take a picture of a friend or something that you don't usually see
make time to tell the ones that you love that you love them
enjoy life
every moment of it
because in this ridiculously busy and fast paced world 
the little things and the little moments that make up a day do really mean the most
be perfectly imperfect

i know that i will 
and i will do it and remember my sweet, beautiful, and zany aunt Lorraine-y


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