The Liebster Award! thanks for asking :)

My Awesome sister Erin from over at Mommy McBlog nominated me for a Liebster Award

AWWW YEAH! (insert crazy touchdown dance here)  

But, what the heck is a Liebster Award? It's an award given to fellow bloggers with less than 200 followers. Basically, a way to spread the love and connect with other bloggers. 

The rules
  1. Each blogger must answer the questions the tagger has set for you
  2. Choose 11 new bloggers to pass the award on to and link them in your post 
  3. Create 11 new questions for the chosen bloggers
  4. Go back to their page and tell them about the award
  5. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves
  6. No tag-backs!

The Questions
1. Tea or coffee or mimosa? 
Iced tea, from my mom and dads house 
9 scoops of lipton in the container peeps, its so hard to make myself and it just never quite tastes as good as out of that fridge on Summit St

2. How many stamps are in your passport?
Two- Thailand and Tokyo. July 2009. Best. Trip. Ever.
Thanks Jay and Yui for falling and love and getting married in the most beautiful place!

3. Who is your favorite TV character?
Chandler Bing- because he is awesome

4. What would you do if you had a million hours?
That is roughly 114 years and a long time to be productive. But, I would organize all of my pictures, make shutterfly books out of them, clean the whole house, get all projects on my to-do list finally complete, work out so hard and get abs like Pink and then go frolick on the beaches of the world with my family, and then take a nap. 

5. What was your favorite childhood memory?
Anytime spent at 803 with my grandma and grandpa Q. We spent quite a few lazy afternoons there sipping lemonade and eating way too much popcorn, spent most any holiday there, house brimming full of Quilty's, and lots of nights there, listening to grandmpa watch whatever baseball game that was on tv to the wee hours in the morning. The house rule- you need to sleep 12 hours!  Grandma would let us stay up as late as we wanted as long as we slept 12 hours, smart lady!

6. Would you rather to perm your hair or wear headgear the rest of your life?
Erin, i feel that this one is specifically for me!  
Since i lived the first (the perm) i know i can handle it so i pick the perm. Plus headgear gives your hair headgear hair. Not cool. I also know that Erin lived BOTH, so KUDOS to you my beautiful sister- the perm and headgear combo didn't set you back at all! 

7. What is your biggest fear?
Tsunamis and snake

8. Who is your favorite late night talk-show host?
Does a DVR recording of Ellen count?

9. What percentage of time do you think about chocolate?
Way too much

10. What was your high school mascot?
Niles McKinley Red Dragon

11. How cool is your blogger friend that gave you this Liebster award?
cooler than puff daddy at his white party in the hamptons
THE coolest!!!!  my little sister rocks my socks and is the most quick witted and hilarious person i know ;)   awesome mommma too!

12. If you could go to dinner with any public figure what would you order to eat?
I'd really like to have a Blizzard with Ross Matthews

Tagging these awesome bloggers/peeps (check them out- some of my favs)
  1. Katie @  hurdle with a girdle
  2. Alissa @ daily rawr
  3. Kim @  fools rush in
  4. Marin @ pin there, done that
  5. Heather @ laptops to lullabies
  6. Kate @ didn't i tell you that  because she has a little "Jack" a little older than our "Jack"

Questions for the next round
  1. Your favorite you tube video?
  2. Your favorite thing to browse on pintrest for?
  3. When ed mcmahon shows up- what will you do with the HUGE check?
  4. You get to run thru target a la "supermarket sweep" for 10 minutes. the first department you go to is....
  5. If you were Felicity on the show Felicity would you have picked Noel or Ben?
  6. Song that you cant help but get up and dance to?
  7. The biggest risk you have ever taken? did it pay off?
  8. Cats or dogs?
  9. All time favorite movie?
  10. How often do you really floss your teeth (not counting the day you go to the dentist)?
  11. Did you do jazz hands when you found out about this award?

The Random Facts
  1. I'm not a morning person or a night owl- when im up, im up
  2. I have a close relationship with Diet Coke
  3. I love listening to people with an accent talk- southern, british, new york- you name it, i love it!
  4. I can go for jazz hands any time of the day!
  5. I'm kind of obsessed with anything with the letter Q on it
  6. I'm still shocked that i managed to get a job where i get the weekends off
  7. I say (and think) "That's what she said" far too often for a lady my age
  8. I'm also shocked that i have two kids sometimes
  9. I can care less about the car i drive and fail to notice details about anyone else's car (maybe the color on a good day)
  10. Nothing makes me sleep better than a clean house
  11. I have been stuck at level 23 of Candy Crush for about 4 days and its killing me a little at a time and im really embarrassed i even downloaded such a stupid game

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  1. I haven't responded yet but I LOVE LOVE this!!! And the headgear photo, and the touchdown dance and the picture of Ross. haha All awesomeness!


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