Organizing Spree

Talk about nesting...
I wrote and did all of this this two days before I had Jack- just never hit publish. Nothing says nesting like a pregnant lady in a tank top zipping around the house and snapping photos until 1am. I should have known better to have soaked it all in and gotten a good nights sleep. But, the pictures speak for themselves. I love a good cleaning spree.

Most Friday nights I come home, have dinner with Thad and Ry and we chill out and then I pass out early. Glamours right? Well, this week I got a second wind (nesting, i'm sure) Nothing gets me excited like a little organizing and today I got some new storage and I knew it would make a difference in a few cabinets that no one ever really sees but us. But anything to make things more organized is a good day in my book! I needed to see immediate results. 

I started in the kitchen. We don't have a ton of space and I really try to pare down what we keep in the cabinets to what we use on a pretty daily basis. The medicine cabinet is at the top of this cabinet (out of reach for little hands). In about 10 minutes I was able to throw out some old prescriptions, change out some storage and feel awesome knowing that its more functional now. 

Next up was the living room. This is such a catch all spot for Ryan's ridiculousness amount of toys. I REALLY am going to work on getting a better toy solution while I'm on maternity leave. But in the mean time, I used a few new storage bins to keep some of his favorite things in and haul the rest up to his room. I also dusted- 10 points!

On to the dining room. I have saved a whole cabinet of candles that I rarely ever use with two kitties and a toddler. I was able to clean out and get rid of a bunch of decor that I know will never see the light of day in this house again. I love purging!

This is the other dining room cabinet. There was a lot in there that we don't generally use either. I got some china plate covers so it just makes it look more neat in there. I was able to get rid of a few things that I know we won't be using. 

 Here are a few things i'll be taking to Goodwill. I love getting rid of "stuff". We have so much in this house that we just never use, its good to get rid of "stuff".