Maternity leave- week 3 and 4

Well, I thought I would be cranking out these blog posts with all of my free time- (um-what was I thinking?)

The past two weeks seem to have flown by! I am getting braver by the day and the boys and I have had quite a few outings. I’m hoping that my arms will be showing off my motherly prowess as well in a few months from carrying my almost 2 year old and an infant carrier in the other arm!  I might need to get back to those weights to get the Michelle Obama look.

Back to the point- we have been on many more outings the past two weeks!  I joined a mom group. We made it to one meet up at the mall- where Ryan didn't seem too interested, then he peed thru his diaper, and when we finally got back, he didn't want to get out of the stroller! The moms all seemed so nice, so I’d really like to go to another. Next week for sure! 

We also have made it to multiple Dr’s appts, a few story times at the library, a newborn photo shoot, a few trips to the mall, and a big adventure to the Cleveland rainforest! 

Jack has also been on the town meeting tons of people. Thad’s sister Tessa had her second baby girl about a week ago. We went up their house where he met his new even smaller cousin Veronica and many of his other cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Jack’s umbilical cord fell off last week so he is officially ok to get full baths. We have been putting him in the big tub with Ryan and they both seem to like it. Its nice family time too, since it is taking both Thad and I to get them clean. It will probably be this way until Jack gets to be a little bigger. It’s really nice wind down time as a family before we put Ryan in bed. And speaking of beds- Ryan has been in his big boy bed now more than not for the better of the past two weeks. He has been napping there as well, so I think we are on the right track for when Jack moves into his crib in a few months.


Jack has become quite the eater. This time I was bound and determined to breastfeed. Since I wasn't a rookie anymore, I wasn't afraid to go ahead and feed wherever I needed to. I knew it would be way easier than pumping and having to bring milk everywhere I went. I really wanted to just nurse on the go and be free to travel without bottles and all of the spare parts that need to be lugged around.

Jack had other plans. 

Right out of the gate Jack had a good latch. I was excited that my plan seemed to be working. But before we left the hospital, he had lost a lot of weight. Then, at this first check up, he had lost even more weight. Now the lactation lady and the Dr were concerned. We needed to keep following up with weekly weigh in’s. Lactation Lori told me to breastfeed, then pump, and then give him the bottle. It seems like a solid plan, right up until it wasn't working for me. The whole process was taking more than an hour at a time and then I had to get him to sleep and start right back over again. Not to mention I had a not always so patient toddler waiting for me to play with him. So, after a few agonizing days of the breast, pump, bottle method, I decided that I am the mom, and I have to live it and I’m just pumping. I knew that I needed to start pumping when I go back to work in another month so, I’m just getting a jump start on it. It’s been way better and although pumping is not my fav, its working for us and Jack is chunking up quite nicely. I have also learned to go with your gut. I feel a lot less guilt when making decisions this time around! 

I still feel the bond with him when I am giving him his bottle and there is absolutely nothing in the world better than when he gives me a little smile during a feeding!


Jack has been a good sleeper since day one!  He slept from 12-5 at the hospital the two nights we were there, which later I was told they were not pleased with. But, he is still a good sleeper. I have been setting my alarm to make sure he doesn't go more than 4 hours without eating at night, but I think now we are at the point that I am going to let him tell me when he needs to eat. This is exciting for me ;)

He can generally sleep anywhere and likes to be swaddled up for a sleep. Even if I just tuck a blanket under him and tuck in his arms it seems to calm him down.  We all take turns cuddling with Jack- he is like a little space heater and such a sweetie to have a little cuddle with. Even Ryan likes to lay next to Jack- usually not for long and only if one of us is there to supervise.

Jack has been staying awake for longer periods now and just looks all around. His eyes are still so blue and I hope they stay that way.

We have some big plans in the next few weeks. Ryan will be turning 2 and Jack and his cousin Makenzie will be getting baptized the next day. We have been trying to get some house projects done before the parties. And in May im hoping to take the boys to Buffalo to see my sister and to Michigan for a cousin trip!