Maternity leave- week 1 and 2

Well, I did it.

We are officially a family of four and I have survived 2 whole weeks of maternity leave.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I was waaaaaaay excited to be off, I was even more excited to meet this little man that was in my belly for all that time and I knew that I could handle labor.
But….   Could I handle 10 whole weeks of with 2 kids???   I was pretty scared. I know moms do it all the time, but could I?  Do I have the patience?  What if Ryan hated his brother and was a crazy man all day? How would I handle being sleep deprived and not being able to sleep when the baby sleeps now that Ryan is home with me too? Ryan is used to a pretty structured day at school and was I up for this?  Would I even remember to feed him? 

Don’t judge- but I was way more worried about being home with a busy almost 2 year old than I was to be home with a newborn all day.

I’m happy to say that we have made it two whole weeks so far and there have actually been moments where I feel like I got this. The first full week my mom was off, so she and my dad (who is retired) were pretty much over on a daily basis. I loved having the backup help and Ryan loved all of the attention. 

Then, last Monday rolled around. It was my first all day kid day and I was worried. Even though Ryan had seem to warm up to the idea of a baby, he still wanted my undivided attention a lot and there had been more than a few meltdowns in the past week.  During the course of last week I actually managed to take the boys to target, to meet the Easter bunny, to the doctors’ office, AND to the lactation lady.

BAM!  Mom of the year! 

I’ll rewind. By Wednesday of last week I was climbing the walls. I had decided that the boys deserved an overpriced picture with the scary Easter bunny. We never got around to taking Ryan to see the Easter bunny last year (parent fail). So this would be the perfect opportunity. I had the WHOLE DAY to just get us to the mall and meet the big carrot lover. I just needed to figure out logistically how it would happen. Of course the bunny was in the middle of the mall, not near an exit so I would have to walk quite a way with both kids. Jack is still too little to be in the new moby wrap so that was out. We have single strollers and one double, but it’s not compatible with the infant seat. Ryan can walk, but its still way easier to get him somewhere if he is strapped into a stroller. I knew I had to decide to carry Jack in his infant seat the whole length of the mall or get another infant carrier that was ok to hold an under 7lb baby and push Ry in the stroller. So we went to Target.

I got both boys into a shopping cart just to spend way too much money on another infant carrier that I could use for a slightly smaller infant. We made the purchase just to go outside again to the car. I felt like I had already run a marathon and this was only step one of meeting the bunny process. By the time we had gotten all the way back to the car Ryan wanted more milk. We did a quick McDonalds drive thru and filled him up and back into the mall we went, Jack in the newly purchased infant carrier and Ryan in his umbrella stroller. It took longer for me to get the boys all adjusted then it did to get to the bunny and take a few pictures. But low and behold- WE GOT A PICTURE! We also stopped for Ryan to ride on some of the cars and play a little; it was a quick diversion tactic to get him to forget about the train that rolls around the mall. We were in no shape that day for a train ride. It worked for now.  

So, going into week three, im feeling more confident about this whole mom of two thing and actually being able to handle the heat!

This week our big adventure is a new playgroup. I joined a playgroup so Ry can meet some new friends while I’m off and that I will have some adults to talk to. Tomorrow is the first meet up at the mall, so fingers crossed it goes well and that Ryan gets along with the kiddos. No meltdowns would also rock my world!  Wish us luck, off to the world of stay at home moms we go!