Packing for the hospital- take 2

Now that i'm officially considered full term, little man can technically arrive at any time. I highly doubt that we will have an early bird this time, but it still feels good to be ready.
Last time around i packed waaaay too much stuff and this time i really want to pare it down to one bag.

Here is whats in the bag
  • A few onesies and swaddles for baby
  • For a cute photo op- the first outfit that we had Ryan in. This outfit is actually from our friend who sold us our house and she was there the night we got engaged! (Thad popped the question to me while i was at work)  It makes sense that this special outfit is from her!
  • Super cozy little snow suit and hat (Thanks Nana)
  • Little man's coming home outfit (an adorable gift from Auntie Erin)
  • Some extra socks and sleepers

Some other stuff i need to add
  • Toiletries for me
  • A pillow with a bright pillow case- the BEST thing i brought when i had Ryan
  • Nursing tops/ bras/ comfy pants
  • Phone/ Camera/ Chargers
  • My wallet
  • Some snacks for Thad and people that come to visit
  • A gift for Ryan from baby brother

So, we are feeling good and ready here!  I get to see the Dr every week now, so i'm still pushing for that St Patty's day little one!  This week the plan is to get the car seat installed again.