Making room for two

Our house is not huge. When we found out that little man was in fact a little man it was decided that he and Ryan will make perfect roommates. I originally thought that I would want to make our bedroom into two rooms, but I was quickly talked out of that option for the moment. Maybe someday if we decide to have another little bundle?  Who knows!

So, two boys in one smaller sized room was going to take a little organization. I really love organizing, so it was right up my alley. My awesome sister in law took Ryan to play for one Saturday afternoon and I was able to tackle the whole room at once. 

This involved:
  • going thru Ryan’s current closet
  • clearing out anything not needed
  • going thru our closet that is full of boxes of baby clothes
  • pulling out what baby could use
  • getting it all to fit back into the closet and dresser

First I emptied out most of the closet. We had a TON jam packed in there! We needed to reduce the hanging stuff in there so baby boy had half the hanging room.

There was a lot in there that I was able to find new homes for and pare down.
Next, I got into our closet and went thru the baby bins. Most things I kept from when Ry was a baby, but there was stuff that made it in there stained and things that Ryan never really wore. So, I got rid of anything I know we won’t be using.  Some things went to a new home and the really gross stuff just got tossed. Did I really put it away with that big formula stain on it?  Maybe?!?

Holy hot mess!
Next was the fun part, getting it all back into the room. The right side of the closet is for Ry and the left side is for little man. I re-used the baby clothes dividers that I had used with Ry for the infant clothes. I also picked up some cute little storage bins at the $1 store. They matched and I can see what was in them, so they fit the bill.

The over the door organizer before was kid of a catch all for anything without a home. Now, it has swim trunks and swim diapers. Extra covers for the changing pad and sheets that can go on the crib or big boy bed.

The bins that survived and a tote for clothes that are outgrown
The dresser needed to be split as well. Top drawer is all diapers, half for Ryan and half for baby. Middle drawer is pants- half and half. Bottom drawer is shorts- half and half, and Ryan jammies. All baby jammies are hanging in the closet.

True story- I forgot to tell my dad who watches Ryan once a week about the pants switch and came home to him in capris (3-6 month jeans)  haha!  I have no idea how they even fit on him! 

The room itself I thought needed a little change up as well. I wanted the crib closer to the door and for Ryan to have a little nook for his big boy bed and toys.

Still to do:

  • Change to art on the walls- I have some projects up my sleeve that i need to finish this weekened
  • Get Ryan to sleep full time in his big boy bed
  • Raise the crib mattress back up and add the new skirt (which im still working on)
What have you guys been organizing lately?