Life Lately

Feb was pretty great and went by too fast!

We had a fun trip to Buffalo to visit Erin for her big birthday! Anytime i get to see Kenzie is a great day! Look how adorable she is!  

My amazing work friends had a surprise baby “sprinkle” for me!  It was so sweet!  Im so lucky to work with such awesome people! They planned it perfectly and every detail was adorable!

Ryan has been such a helper lately. He’s really into “fixing” things- mainly his swing set. He also really has been a good helper in the kitchen. He loves to empty the dishwasher and help me cook.

We have been really trying to soak up the last few weeks we have with Ryan as an only child. He is getting so big and really showing his personality. He also got his second set of tubes in his ears this month. It’s only been a week, but I really think I see a difference in his behavior and his speech. We are also working on him sleeping in his big boy bed.

We have a lot in store for March and can’t wait to meet this new little guy! 


  1. I'm a new reader, so I was interested to read that your son has tubes! So does my two-year-old. Did Ryan get them because of hearing issues, too? I've never met someone whose child had them for any other reason than ear infections.

  2. Hi Heather! Yes, this is his second set of tubes actually. he had a bunch of ear infections in a row, so the ENT dr suggested tubes. He had a set last year and then they fell out- had a few more ear infections and got his second set and adnoids out. This time i have noticed quite a difference in his speech and i really think it is because he can finally hear better! Hope your little guy is doing well with them!
    Thanks for reading ;)


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