The scarlet teething ring

Even jaws had a mom.

And that would be me.

Ryan has been sick the last two weeks off and on so when his daycare called me at work on Thursday I figured that maybe his fever was back.

That was not the case.

His teacher was calling me to let me know that my sweet little man had bitten again.
Its hard to be the mom of a biter and hard to understand where he picked it up. I'm not a die hard Twilight fan, we don't bite each other around the house, and he's not around older kids that do it. So, when did my sweet little guy turn into jaws?

He has been biting kind of randomly here and there for the past few months. It generally happens at school. There doesn't seem to be a typical pattern like before naptime or lunch when he is extra hungry. I know that a few times he has been frustrated with a situation and still doesn't quite know how to use his words to say what he is feeling. But, there have been other times that it is a totally random attack.

Last night we watched Yo Gabba Gabba "Don't Bite Your Friends" and i have a few books waiting at the library for us to read together. He's a smart kid and really knows more than he says. When we are reading, i will ask him where something on the page is that we haven't ever really talked about and he knows. But, when we talk about biting, I don't really see anything clicking.

I know that it is a phase and he will grow out of it when he learns to use his word more. Until then, he will be the kiddo at daycare with the scarlet teething ring strapped to his shirt with a paci clip.

Anyone out there with a little jaws of their own?  How did you stop it?  I have had a few moms tell me to bite him back, but when he's not biting me it seems like the wrong approach for us.